Ozgun Gokce
Prof. Dr. Ozgun Gokce
  • Klinik für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen und Gerontopsychiatrie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • immunology
  • neuron
  • transcriptomics
I am an experimental and computational neuroscientist aspiring to contribute development of new strategies for maintaining healthy brain during aging and prevent neurodegeneration. During my career, rapid and perhaps revolutionary technological innovations have transformed many experimental approaches from science fiction into reality. While I adapted and used technologies rapidly, my focus is on the development and use of tools for understanding fundamental insights about nervous system in health and disease.
Selected publications

Androvic P, Schifferer M, Perez Anderson K, Ji H, Liu L, Besson-Girard S, Knoferle J, Simons M, Gokce O., (2023) Spatial Transcriptomics correlated Electron Microscopy Nature Comm

Safaiyan S., Besson-Girard S., et al., Gokce O.#, Simons M.# (2021) White matter aging drives microglial diversity Neuron 109, 1-18

Kaya T. *, Mattugini N. *, Liu L. *, et al., Gokce O.#, Simons M.#, (2022) CD8+ T cells induce interferon-responsive oligodendrocytes in white matter aging. Nature Neuroscience

Gokce O., & Südhof T.C., (2013) Membrane-Tethered Monomeric Neurexin LNS-Domain Triggers Synapse Formation, Journal of Neuroscience, 33(36), 14617-14628

Ozgun Gokce
Prof. Dr. Ozgun Gokce
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