Michael Wenzel
PD Dr. Michael Wenzel
  • Klinik für Epileptologie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • epilepsy
  • neurophysiology
  • pharmacology
Despite >100 years of research, crucial aspects of seizure formation and spread remain unresolved, and 30% of epilepsy patients remain unresponsive to pharmacological treatment. As clinician scientist and independent principal investigator within the newly established Hertie Network of Excellence in Clinical Neuroscience, and with support of a Bonfor Nachwuchsgruppe, Dr. Wenzel’s group uses cellular resolution in vivo two-photon imaging and field electrophysiology to address fundamental questions regarding the formation and progression of seizures in chronic epilepsy mouse models. The work is highly collaborative across murine and human research, and crosses borders between clinical epileptology, translational neurophysiology, systems neuroscience, medicinal chemistry (e.g. photopharmacology), and biomedical engineering (implantable diagnostic/therapeutic tools, e.g. electrode arrays).
Selected publications

Wenzel M, Hamm JP, Peterka DS, Yuste R. (2017) Reliable and elastic propagation of cortical seizures in vivo. Cell Reports, 19, 2681–2693

Liou JY*, Ma H*, Wenzel M, Zhao M, Baird-Daniel E, Smith EH, Daniel AGS, Emerson R, Yuste R, Schwartz TH, Schevon CA. (2018) Role of inhibitory control in modulating focal seizure spread. Brain, 141, Issue 7, 2083–2097, *equal contribution

Jayant K*, Wenzel M*, Hamm JP, Bando Y, Sahin O, Shepard KL, Yuste R. (2019) Flexible nanopipettes for minimally invasive intracellular electrophysiology in vivo. Cell Reports, 26, 266–278, *equal contribution

Wenzel M, Hamm JP, Peterka DS, Yuste R. (2019) Acute focal seizures start as local synchronizations of neuronal ensembles. Journal of Neuroscience, 39 (43) 8562-8575

Michael Wenzel
PD Dr. Michael Wenzel
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