Maximilian Billmann
Jun-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann
  • Institut für Humangenetik, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • functional genomics
  • genetic networks
  • data integration
  • machine learning
We explore how genes interact in networks to regulate cells. We are particularly interested to learn how such functional interactions respond to environmental changes and how this functional flexibility is impacted by disease-associated genetic variants. To this end, we develop computational methods to infer mechanistic cues from functional genomics data such as large compendia of CRISPR screens and tissue type-resolved expression atlases.
Selected publications

Billmann M+, Ward HN, Aregger M, Costanzo M, Andrews B, Boone C, Moffat J & Myers CL. Reproducibility metrics for CRISPR screens. bioRxiv (2022). +Corresponding author

Rahman M*, Billmann M*,+, Costanzo M, Aregger M, Tong AHY, Chan K, Ward HN, Brown KR, Andrews B, Boone C, Moffat J & Myers CL. Major functional bias for mitochondrial complexes in genome-wide CRISPR screens. Molecular Systems Biology (2021). *These authors contributed equally, +Corresponding author

Aregger M*, Lawson K*, Billmann M*, Costanzo M, Tong AHY, Chan K, Rahman M, Brown KR, Ross C, Usaj M, Nedyalkova L, Sizova O, Habsid A, Pawling J, Lin YZ, Abdouni H, Weiss A, Mero P, Dennis JW, Gingras AC, Myers CL, Andrews B, Boone C & Moffat J. Systematic mapping of genetic interactions for de novo fatty acid synthesis. Nature Metabolism (2020). *These authors contributed equally

Billmann M, Chaudhary V, ElMaghraby M, Fischer B and Boutros M. Widespread rewiring of genetic networks upon cancer signaling pathway activation. Cell Systems (2018)


Maximilian Billmann
Jun-Prof. Dr. Maximilian Billmann
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