Kerstin Ludwig
Dr. Kerstin Ludwig
  • Institut für Humangenetik, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • complex genetics
  • craniofacial malformations
  • host genetics
Most common diseases and human traits have a multifactorial etiology with strong genetic contribution. The aim of our research is to identify genetic risk factors from the entire allelic spectrum, i.e., rare variants with strong effect sizes as well as common risk variants that modestly contribute to an individual's risk profile, for complex human traits. We use state-of-the art genomic technologies such as array-based genotyping, exome-/genome sequencing or multi-omics data generation in large cohorts. Our group has identified numerous risk factors for congenital defects such as orofacial clefting and, recently, host genetic factors involved in COVID-19. We also study the functional impact of variants which often provide their biological effect only in cell-type-specific and genomic context. Integrating multi-omics data across many biological layers, including genetic information, will be required to fully understand the biological mechanisms underlying common diseases.
Selected publications

COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative (2023) A second update on mapping the human genetic architecture of COVID-19. Nature. 621(7977).

Zieger HK, Weinhold L, Schmidt A, Holtgrewe M, Juranek SA, Siewert A, Scheer AB, Thieme F, Mangold E, Ishorst N, Brand FU, Welzenbach J, Beule D, Paeschke K, Krawitz PM and Ludwig KU (2022) Prioritization of non-coding elements involved in non-syndromic cleft lip with/without cleft palate through genome-wide analysis of de novo mutations. HGG Adv. 4(1):100166

Ludwig KU, Schmithausen RM, Li D, Jacobs M, Hollstein R, Blumenstock K, Liebing J, Słabicki M, Ben-Shmuel A, Israeli O, Weiss S, Ebert TS, Paran N, Rüdiger W, Wilbring G, Feldman D, Lippke B, Ishorst N, Hochfeld LM, Beins E, Kaltheuner IH, Schmitz M, Wöhler A, Döhla M, Sib E, Jentzsch M, Moench EMC, Borrajo JD, Strecker J, Reinhardt J, Cleary B, Geyer M, Hölzel M, Macrae R, Nöthen MM, Hoffmann P, Exner M, Regev A, Zhang F, Schmid-Burgk JL (2021) LAMP-Seq enables sensitive, scalable, multiplexed COVID-19 diagnostics using molecular barcoding. Nat Biotech. 39(12):1556-1562

Lin-Shiao E, Lan Y, Welzenbach J, Alexander KA, Zhang Z, Knapp M, Mangold E, Sammons M, Ludwig KU, Berger SL (2019) p63 establishes epithelial enhancers at critical craniofacial development genes. Sci Adv. 5(5):eaaw0946.

Kerstin Ludwig
Dr. Kerstin Ludwig
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