Gabor Petzold
Prof. Dr. Gabor Petzold
  • Sektion Vaskuläre Neurologie, Klinik für Neurologie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
  • Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen e. V. (DZNE)
Research topics
  • Stroke and small-vessel disease
  • glial cells
  • Alzheimer's disease
We aim to determine molecular mechanisms and identify novel therapeutic targets in diseases such as acute stroke, Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia. We are particularly interested in the role of glial cells, such as astrocytes, and the neurovascular unit in these conditions. Our work covers basic and translational research as well as clinical trials.
Selected publications

Rakers C, Petzold GC. Astrocytic calcium release mediates peri-infarct depolarizations in a rodent stroke model. J Clin Invest 127:511-516.

Reichenbach N, Delekate A, Breithausen B, Keppler K, Poll S, Schulte T, Peter J, Plescher M, Hansen JN, Blank N, Keller A, Fuhrmann M, Henneberger C, Halle A, Petzold GC (2018) P2Y1 receptor blockade normalizes network dysfunction and cognition in an Alzheimer’s disease model. J Exp Med 215:1649-1663.

Reichenbach N, Delekate A, Plescher M, Schmitt F, Krauss S, Blank N, Halle A, Petzold GC (2019) Inhibition of Stat3-mediated astrogliosis ameliorates pathology in an Alzheimer's disease model. EMBO Mol Med 11:e9665.

Kugler C, Thielscher C, Tambe BA, Schwarz MK, Halle A, Bradke F, Petzold GC (2020) Epothilones Improve Axonal Growth and Motor Outcomes after Stroke in the Adult Mammalian CNS. Cell Rep Med 2020 1:100159.

Weller JM, Enkirch SJ, Bogs C, Braemswig TB, Deb-Chatterji M, Keil F, Kindler C, Maywald S, Schirmer MD, Stösser S, Solymosi L, Nolte CH, Bode FJ, Petzold GC (2021) Endovascular Treatment for Acute Stroke in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy. Stroke 52:581-585.

Gabor Petzold
Prof. Dr. Gabor Petzold
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