Finn Hansen
Prof. Dr. Finn Hansen
  • Pharmazeutisches Institut
Research topics
  • medicinal chemistry
  • epigenetics
The research of the Hansen group focuses on the development of new tool compounds that are capable of reverting chemoresistance in cancer. Of particular interest are: (1) selective histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors, (2) inhibitors of protein-protein interactions, (3) multi-target drugs, and (4) new chemical modalities in drug discovery (e.g. PROTACs, chimeric small molecules). Our approach includes the synthesis of small molecules and peptidomimetics using various modern synthetic methods such as solid-phase synthesis, microwave-assisted synthesis as well as multicomponent reactions, biological evaluation of test compounds in target-based & phenotypic assays, and analysis of structure-activity relationships.
Selected publications

Bhatia S, Diedrich D, Frieg B, Ahlert H, Stein S, Bopp B, Lang F, Zang T, Kroeger T, Ernst T, Koegler G, Krieg A, Luedeke S, Kunkel H, Rodrigues Moita AJ, Kassack MU, Marquardt V, Opitz F, Oldenburg M, Remke M, Babor F, Grez M, Hochhaus A, Borkhardt A, Groth G, Nagel-Steger L, Jose J, Kurz T, Gohlke H, Hansen FK, Hauer J (2018) Targeting HSP90 dimerization via the C-terminus is effective in imatinib resistant CML and lacks the heat shock response. Blood 132:307–320.

Bhatia S, Krieger V, Groll M, Osko JD, Reßing N., Ahlert H, Borkhardt A, Kurz T, Christianson DW, Hauer J, Hansen FK (2018) Discovery of the first-in-class dual histone deacetylase-proteasome inhibitor. J Med Chem 61:10299–10309.

Sinatra L, Bandolik JJ, Roatsch M, Sönnichsen M, Schoeder CT, Hamacher A, Schöler A, Borkhardt A, Meiler J, Bhatia S, Kassack MU, Hansen, FK (2020) Hydroxamic Acids Immobilized on Resins (HAIRs): Synthesis of Dual Targeting HDAC Inhibitors and HDAC Degraders (PROTACs). Angew Chem Int Ed 59:22494–22499.

Selg C, Schöler A, Schliehe-Diecks J, Hanl M, Sinatra L, Borkhardt A, Sárosi MB, Bhatia S, Hey-Hawkins E, Hansen FK (2021) Borinostats: Solid-Phase Synthesis of Carborane-Capped Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors with a Tailor-Made Selectivity Profile. Chem Sci 12:11873–11881.

Finn Hansen
Prof. Dr. Finn Hansen
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