Eva Kiermaier
Prof. Dr. Eva Kiermaier
  • Life & Medical Sciences Institute (LIMES)
Research topics
  • cytoskeleton
  • immune cells
Our group focuses on the contribution of the cytoskeleton during innate and adaptive immune responses. Dendritic cells represent the most potent antigen presenting cells of the innate immune system. They are key mediators for the induction of protective immunity as well as maintenance of self-tolerance. As such, dendritic cells represent an outstanding population of cells, which mediate three fundamentally important tasks: antigen capture and presentation, migration and T cell activation. Our group studies how cytoskeletal components, in particular centrosomes and microtubules, impact immune cell effector functions such as antigen presentation and migration and their behavior upon lymphocyte cell-cell interactions.
Selected publications

Kopf A, Renkawitz J, Hauschild R, Girkontaite I, Tedford K, Merrin J, Thorn-Seshold O, Trauner D, Häcker H, Fischer K, Kiermaier E*§, Sixt M*§. (2020) Microtubules control cellular shape and coherence in amoeboid migrating cells. Journal of Cell Biology Jun 1. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201907154

Kiermaier E*§, Moussion C*, Veldkamp CT, Gerardy-Schahn R, de Vries I, Williams LG, Chaffee GR, Phillips AJ, Freiberger F, Imre R, Taleski D, Payne RJ, Braun A, Förster R, Mechtler K, Mühlenhoff M, Volkman BF, Sixt M§ (2016) Polysialylation controls dendritic cell trafficking by regulating chemokine recognition. Science 351(6269):186-190.

Molatore S, Kiermaier E, Jung CB, Lee M, Pulz E, Höfler H, Atkinson MJ, Pellegata NS. (2010) Characterization of a naturally-occurring p27 mutation predisposing to multiple endocrine tumors. Molecular Cancer 9:116

Kiermaier E, Woehrer S, Peng Y, Mechtler K, Westermann S (2009) A Dam1-based artificial kinetochore is sufficient to promote chromosome segregation in budding yeast. Nature Cell Biology 11(9):1109-15.

*equally contributing authors. §corresponding authors.

Eva Kiermaier
Prof. Dr. Eva Kiermaier
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