Diana Imhof
Prof. Dr. Diana Imhof
  • Pharmazeutisches Institut
Research topics
  • pharmaceutical biochemistry
  • bioanalytics
The growing interest in the development and use of biomolecules in biomedical research and practice requires an increase in the diversity of analytical methods and their applications in academia and industry. Part of our research focuses on synthesis, function, and analysis of bioactive peptides with therapeutic relevance. Target molecules are e.g., complex cysteine-rich peptides like FXIIIa inhibitor tridegin and ion channel blocker conotoxins. The bioanalytical methods established for such molecules can be used to investigate the effects of different formulation processes on the structure and activity of proteins and peptides. In addition, we have a strong interest in the impact of ligand/protein-protein interactions such as in case of transient heme binding to proteins or modulation of G-proteins by peptidic tools.
Selected publications

Nubbemeyer B, Paul George AA, Kühl T, Pepanian A, Beck MS, Maghraby R, Shetab Boushehri M, Muehlhaupt M, Pfeil EM, Annala SK, Ammer H, Imhof D, Pei D (2022) Targeting Gαi/s Proteins with Peptidyl Nucleotide Exchange Modulators. ACS Chem Biol (in press)

Hopp MT, Alhanafi N, Paul George AA, Hamedani NS, Biswas A, Oldenburg J, Pötzsch B, Imhof D (2021) Molecular insights and functional consequences of the interaction of heme with activated protein C. Antioxid Redox Signal 34:32-48.

Bäuml CA, Schmitz T, Paul George AA, Sudarsanam M, Hardes K, Steinmetzer T, Holle LA, Wolberg SA, Pötzsch B, Oldenburg J, Biswas A, Imhof D (2019) Coagulation Factor XIIIa Inhibitor Tridegin: On the Role of Disulfide Bonds for Folding, Stability, and Function. J Med Chem 62:3513−3523.

Wißbrock A, Goradia NB, Kumar A, Paul George AA, Kühl T, Bellstedt P, Ramachandran R, Hoffmann P, Galler K, Popp J, Neugebauer U, Hampel K, Zimmermann B, Adam S, Wiendl M, Krönke G, Hamza I, Heinemann SH, Frey S, Hueber AJ, Ohlenschläger O, Imhof D (2019) Structural insights into heme binding to IL-36α proinflammatory cytokine. Sci Rep 9:16893.

Diana Imhof
Prof. Dr. Diana Imhof
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