Christian Henneberger
Prof. Dr. Christian Henneberger
  • Institut für Zelluläre Neurowissenschaften
Research topics
  • neuron-glia interaction
  • brain plasticity
Synaptic transmission and its plasticity are occurring in an environment that contains neurons but also glial cells and extracellular matrix. How this interaction of neurons and astroglia, an abundant subtype of glia cells, determines hippocampal network function is what our research primarily focuses on. Building on our observations of neuron-astroglia interactions in healthy tissue we also explore how disease alters communication between these cell types. The experimental techniques we are mainly using are electrophysiology in its various flavors in combination two-photon excitation fluorescence microscopy of cell structure and intra- and exracellular signalling (e.g. Ca2+, glutamate). This is complemented by analyses often using custom written software (e.g. in Matlab), numerical simulations (e.g. NEURON) and other techniques such as expansion microscopy.
Selected publications

King CM, Bohmbach K, Minge D, Delekate A, Zheng K, Reynolds J, Rakers C, Zeug A, Petzold GC, Rusakov DA, Henneberger C (2020) Local Resting Ca2+ Controls the Scale of Astroglial Ca2+ Signals. Cell Reports 30:3466-3477.e4.

Zhang WH, Herde MK, Mitchell JA, Whitfield JH, Wulff AB, Vongsouthi V, Sanchez-Romero I, Gulakova PE, Minge D, Breithausen B, Schoch S, Janovjak H, Jackson CJ, Henneberger C (2018) Monitoring hippocampal glycine with the computationally designed optical sensor GlyFS. Nat Chem Biol 14:861–869.

Minge D, Senkov O, Kaushik R, Herde MK, Tikhobrazova O, Wulff AB, Mironov A, van Kuppevelt TH, Oosterhof A, Kochlamazashvili G, Dityatev A, Henneberger C (2017) Heparan Sulfates Support Pyramidal Cell Excitability, Synaptic Plasticity, and Context Discrimination. Cereb Cortex 27:903–918.

Henneberger C, Papouin T, Oliet SHR, Rusakov DA (2010) Long-term potentiation depends on release of d-serine from astrocytes. Nature 463:232–236.

Christian Henneberger
Prof. Dr. Christian Henneberger
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