Armin Djamei
Prof. Dr. Armin Djamei
  • INRES Institute for Plant Pathology
Research topics
  • plant immunity
  • plant pathogens
  • synthetic biology
The focus of the Plant Pathology professorship is on cell biological, genetic and molecular research into the biogenic causes that lead to disease in plants. Based on this understanding of the causes of disease, strategies are developed to protect crops from disease. The main focus is on phytopathogenic fungi and oomycetes in their interaction with their respective host plants. Furthermore, scientific plant models such as Arabidopsis thaliana and Nicotiana benthamiana are used in the research, which serve to expand basic knowledge about the plant immune system and are easily accessible experimentally and genetically.
Selected publications

Bindics J., Khan M., Uhse S., Kogelmann B., Baggely L., Reumann D., Ingole K., Stirnberg A., Rybecky A., Darino M., Navarrete F., Doehlemann G., Djamei A. (2022) Many ways to TOPLESS – manipulation of plant auxin signalling by a cluster of fungal effectors New Phytologist

Saado I., Chia K.S., Betz R., Alcantara A., Pettko-Szandtner A., Navarrete F., D´Auria J.C., Kolomiets M.V., Melzer M., Feussner I., Djamei A. (2022) Effector-mediated relocalization of a maize lipoxygenase protein triggers susceptibility to Ustilago maydis. The Plant Cell. The Plant Cell

Navarrete F., Gallei M.,Kornienko E. A., Saado I., Khan M., Chia Khong-Sam, Darino A. M., Bindics J., Djamei A. (2021) TOPLESS promotes plant immunity by repressing auxin signaling and is targeted by the fungal effector Naked1. Plant Communications, doi: 10.1016/j.xplc.2021.100269

Darino M., Chia, K.S., Marques, J., Aleksza, D., Santo-Jimenez, L.M., Saado, I., Uhse S., Borg, M., Betz, R, Bindics, J., Zienkiewicz, K., Feussner, I., Petit-Houdenot, Y., Djamei, A. (2021). Ustilago maydis effector Jsi1 interacts with Topless corepressor, hijacking plant jasmonate/ethylene signaling. New Phytologist,

Armin Djamei
Prof. Dr. Armin Djamei
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