Anton Bovier
Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier
  • Institute for Applied Mathematics
Research topics
  • interacting stochastic systems
  • mathematical modeling of the immune system
The main focus of my work concerns the analysis of interacting stochastic systems of many components. This includes a special focus on models from statistical mechanics with an emphasis on disordered models, in particular spin glasses. More recently I am also interested in application of methods from these areas in models of population genetics, ecology, and the mathematical modelling in the immune system with an emphasis on immunotherapies.
Selected publications

Kraut A, Bovier A (2019) From adaptive dynamics to adaptive walks. J. Math. Biol. 79:699--1747

Bovier A, Coquille L, Smadi C (2019) Crossing a fitness valley as a metastable transition in a stochastic population model. , Ann Appl Probab 29: 3541--3589

Baar M, Coquille L, Mayer H, Hölzel M, Rogava M, Tüting T, Bovier A (2016) Sci Rep 6: 24169

Hölzel M, Bovier A, Tüting T (2013), Plasticity of tumor and immune cells: a source of heterogeneity and a cause for therapy resistance?, Nature Reviews Cancer 13: 365-376

Anton Bovier
Prof. Dr. Anton Bovier
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