Anna Konermann
Prof. Dr. Anna Konermann
  • Poliklinik für Kieferorthopädie
Research topics
  • immunology
  • mechanotransduction
My research activities focus on immunology and mechanotransduction in the periodontium, which is also consolidated by my membership in the cluster of excellence immunosensation2.The focus is on the cellular mechanisms of the innate and adaptive immune system in the periodontium as well as stress protectionagainst immunologically mediated pathologies in the context of cellular mechanotransduction. Investigations of the immunological mechanisms that control peridontal regeneration versus autodestruction during orthodontic tooth movement play a central role. One of the main objectives is to transfer the molecular understanding of these processes in the periodontium to the development of clinical strategies for the prevention of immune-mediated pathologies.
Selected publications

Salim C, Muders H, Jäger A, Konermann A (2022) Role of chaperone-assisted selective autophagy (CASA) in mechanical stress protection of periodontal ligament cells. J Orofac Orthop 83:1-12.

Jäger A, Setiawan M, Beins E, Schmidt-Wolf I, Konermann A (2020) Analogous modulation of inflammatory responses by the endocannabinoid system in periodontal ligament cells and microglia. Head Face Med 16:26.

Jäger A, Heim N, Kramer FJ, Setiawan M, Peitz M, Konermann A (2020) A novel serum-free medium for the isolation, expansion and maintenance of stemness and tissue-specific markers of primary human periodontal ligament cells. Ann Anat 231:151517.

Konermann A, Van Dyke T, Kantarci A, Jäger A (2017) GABAB Receptors as Modulating Target for Inflammatory Responses of the Periodontal Ligament. Cell Mol Neurobiol 37:1067-1076.

Anna Konermann
Prof. Dr. Anna Konermann
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