Andreas Waha
Prof. Dr. Andreas Waha
  • Institut für Neuropathologie, Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Research topics
  • cancer
  • genetics
  • epigenetics
Identification of genetic/epigenetic alterations in cancer Functional characterization of identified candidate genes in tumor cells Molecular and functional analysis of TET1 and cytosine variants in gliomas Establishment of molecular detection systems (NGS, PyroSequencing, Fusiontranscript analysis) for clinical routine diagnostics at the brain cancer reference center
Selected publications

Waha A, Koch A, Hartmann W, Milde U, Felsberg J, Hübner A, Mikeska T, Goodyer CG, Sörensen N, Lindberg I, Wiestler OD, Pietsch T and Waha A. (2007) SGNE1/7B2 is epigenetically altered and transcriptionally down-regulated in human medullo-blastomas. Oncogene 26:5662-8.

Waha A, Felsberg J, Hartmann W, von dem Knesebeck A, Mikeska T, Joos S, Wolter M, Koch A, Yan PS, Endl E, Wiestler OD, Reifenberger G, Pietsch T, Waha A. (2010) DUSP4/MKP-2 is inactivated by DNA hypermethylation and acts as a growth suppressor in glioma cells. Cancer Res 5: 1689-99.

Müller T, Gessi M, Waha A, Isselstein L J, Luxen D, Freihoff D, Freihoff J, Becker A, Simon M, Hammes J, Denkhaus D, zur Mühlen A, Pietsch T and Waha A. (2012) Nuclear exclusion of TET is associated with loss of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in IDH wild-type gliomas. Am J Pathol Aug;181(2):675-83

Luxen D, Gielen GH, Waha A, Isselstein L, Müller T, Koch P, Hammes J, Becker A, Simon M, Wurst P, Endl E, Pietsch T, Gessi M, Waha A. (2017) MTSS1 is epigenetically regulated in glioma cells and inhibits glioma cell motility. Transl Oncol Feb;10(1):70-79.

Andreas Waha
Prof. Dr. Andreas Waha
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