Alice Toso
Jun-Prof. Dr. Alice Toso
  • Institut für Archäologie und Kulturanthropologie
Research topics
  • paleopathology
  • nutrition research
  • past global health
My research interests focus on the application of bioarchaeological and biomolecular methodologies to the study of the health and nutrition of past societies. My research experience combines osteological and paleopathological research with multi-isotopic analysis and ZooMS to reconstruct mortality, morbidity, nutrition and health profile in the past during transitional historical periods in critical areas of the world. My research offers a deep historical perspective on themes of health and nutrition that are relevant to the history of global health.
Selected publications

Toso A, Hallingstad E, McGrath K, Fossile T, Conlan C, Ferreira J, da Rocha Bandeira D, Giannini PCF, Gilson S-P, de Melo Reis Bueno L, Bastos MQR, Borba FM, do Santos AMP, Colonese AC (2021a) Fishing intensification as response to Late Holocene socio-ecological instability in southeastern South America. Sci Rep 11:23506.

Toso A, Schifano S, Oxborough C, McGrath K, Spindler L, Castro A, Evangelista L, Filipe V, Gonçalves MJ, Marques A, Mendes da Silva I, Santos R, Valente MJ, McCleery I, Alexander M (2021b) Beyond faith: Biomolecular evidence for changing urban economies in multi-faith medieval Portugal. Am J Phys Anthropol Available at:
Cardoso HFV, Marinho L, Caldas IM, Puentes K, Andrade M, Toso A, Assis S, Magalhães T (2020) Historical, demographic, curatorial and legal aspects of the BoneMedLeg human skeletal reference collection (Porto, Portugal). Anthropol Anz 77:57–73.

Toso A, Gaspar S, Banha da Silva R, Garcia SJ, Alexander M (2019) High status diet and health in Medieval Lisbon: a combined isotopic and osteological analysis of the Islamic population from São Jorge Castle, Portugal. Archaeol Anthropol Sci Available at:

Pezo-Lanfranco L, Eggers S, Petronilho C, Toso A, da Rocha Bandeira D, Von Tersch M, dos Santos AMP, da Costa BR, Meyer R, Colonese AC (2018) Middle Holocene plant cultivation on the Atlantic Forest coast of Brazil? Royal Society Open Science 5:180432.

Alice Toso
Jun-Prof. Dr. Alice Toso
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