Orientierung & Karriereplanung

Individual coachings to prepare for a career in business and society

An offer by the Human Resource Development

Are you thinking about a career outside the university context in business, organisations or society and would like to have supportive coaching for your decision, the planning or the application phase?

The University of Bonn offers individual coaching for PhD holders. The confidential one-on-one meetings can be held in German or English.

  Individual Coaching Sessions

On request
Up to 3 units of 1.5 hours each

Dates are aranged individually


We will connect you with a coach from our pool who is suited to your needs.


English or German


Online or on site

Target Group



Business and Organizations Track


Up to 6 units are applicable within the "Postdoc plus" certificates

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You can agree on your concerns individually with your respective coach. Possible topics:

  • Determining your current professional position
  • Defining transferable skills from your academic career/previous work experience for a position in business and organizations
  • Individual career planning
  • Making career decisions & setting career goals
  • Job search of non-scientific careers
  • Applications for positions outside academia
  • Decision-making support: stay in academia or apply to leave?

Frequently asked questions

No. Human Resources Development will cover the costs.

The coaching can be carried out both online and on the premises of the "Alte Sternwarte". The premises in the "Alte Sternwarte" are only accessible to a limited extent. If you need assistance with access, please contact the indicated contact person, so that we can support you.

In order to be able to participate in the training offers of the Human Resources Development of the University of Bonn, you must have an employment contract with the University of Bonn, be an enrolled PhD student, be active in research for the University of Bonn or be an associated member of a research network. 

There are 3 certificates along the three "Career Tracks": "Research", "Research Management" and "Business & Organizations" in which the coachings may be applicable. If the currently displayed event can be credited to one of the three "tracks", this is indicated accordingly. 


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