17. October 2023

Shining a Spotlight on Global Partnerships Shining a Spotlight on Global Partnerships

University of Bonn to host International Days on October 19 and 20

With its 2023 International Days, the University of Bonn will be focusing on two countries in particular this year: Ghana and Brazil. The Vice Rectorate for International Affairs would like to invite students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, researchers and anyone else who might be interested to come and join in the celebrations.

Shining a Spotlight on Global Partnerships
Shining a Spotlight on Global Partnerships - With its 2023 International Days, the University of Bonn will be focusing on two countries in particular this year: Ghana and Brazil. © University of Bonn
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The International Days at the University of Bonn are being held on October 19 and 20, 2023. A long list of international projects and initiatives launched by the University will be showcased, current challenges and future opportunities in international cooperation—especially with partners from Ghana and Brazil—will be discussed, and students and researchers will be given the chance to obtain comprehensive information. Numerous guests from all around the world promise to shed new light on existing issues.

“Our International Days provide a platform for networking, for discussing current developments and possibilities for international partnerships and for honoring our award-winning early-career researchers,” explains Professor Birgit Ulrike Münch, Vice Rector for International Affairs. “We want to give all members of the University, from students to researchers, some insights into international collaboration and the funding available for undertaking future cooperation projects or gaining experience abroad.”

Presentation of the state awards and the DAAD Prize
The International Days will open on October 19 with the presentation of the state awards and the DAAD Prize to exceptional students and early-career researchers. The state awards are sponsored by the French, Spanish, UK and US governments. To mark the revival of the Ambassador‘s Award, this year’s ceremony will also feature a keynote speech by Pauline Kao, the US Consul General in Düsseldorf, on the value of international academic exchange.

On October 20, the Global Fair will switch the focus to the University of Bonn’s international partnerships, chief among them this year its collaboration with Ghana and Brazil on research and teaching. Alongside University of Bonn researchers from various disciplines, there will be representatives from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the International Office on hand to share information about cooperation projects and funding opportunities. Also in attendance at the Global Fair will be delegations from the University of Ghana and PUCRS in Brazil as well as the Bonn University Ambassadors, who represent the University of Bonn all over the world.

Bonn University Ambassadors to pay a visit
The panelists in a discussion on October 20 entitled “African-European Perspectives on Migration: Advancing the Field through Transdisciplinarity” will explore the potential for inter- and transdisciplinary research partnerships to unlock a more comprehensive understanding of migration dynamics. The invited experts will share their experience of transnational cooperation and present their ideas for how knowledge exchange and joint research can advance the field of migration studies.

The Bonn University Ambassadors from universities in Jordan, Ghana, India, Brazil, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others, will once again be traveling to Bonn for a joint workshop during the International Days. As former visiting researchers at the University, the 20 or so Ambassadors are united not only by their personal relationship with Bonn but also by the desire to represent our institution well abroad. This annual get-together is designed to reinforce the participants’ already close ties to Bonn through joint activities and intensive dialogue and enable the program to be developed further.

Further information about the events that make up the International Days and a link to register for the state awards presentation ceremony can be found at https://www.uni-bonn.de/en/university/university-life/events/international-days/international-days-2023?set_language=en

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