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Applicants from non-EU/EEC countries

Applicants who come from states outside of the EU \ EEC and who have no German higher education entrance qualification.


For the application at the University of Bonn you have to fulfill certain formal aspects which are described here. Please read the Information carefully before you hand in your documents:


  1. Once you have selected your undergraduate course (Bachelor | State Examination | Theological Degrees), please read our notes on the German language proficiency/German preparation courses. Please note the exceptions regarding Molekulare Biomedizin and Deutsch-Französische/-Italienische Studien!
  2. Fill the Online-Application
  3. After you have filled and sent the application you will receive an e-mail, containing a pdf-document, to the e-mail address given in the application. We will send all further notifications including the admission decision to this e-mail address.
  4. Print and sign the pdf-document!
  5. Sent the printed and signed document together with the required documents to:

    Universität Bonn
    Abt. 1.3 – Studierendensekretariat
    53012 Bonn

  6. Please note that the application can only be accepted, if the printed and signed form (incl. the required documents) are at the University of Bonn by no later than the 15. July (winter semester) respectively 15. January (summer semester). Documents that arrive after the 15. July /15. January will not be considered in the admission process.
  7. You can only hand in one application per term. If several applications are made, only the latest one will be considered.



  1. Admissions and rejections will be sent by mid of August (winter semester) and mid of February (summer semester) by e-mail.
  2. If we can offer you an admission a later date, we will inform you immediately. If you have not received an admission by mid of October (winter semester) or Mid of April (summer semester) you can assume that we will not be able to offer you a place of study.
  3. If you receive an admission and you want to accept the place to study, fill in the “Annahmeerklärung” (declaration of acceptance) and send it within the deadline to [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] (please do not use any other way). If the Annahmeerklärung is not received within the deadline the admission will expire.


  1. When you have received your admission, visit within the deadline – stated in the admission - the registrar’s office in person. Please have all required documents with you.



The following courses have special selection procedures. Please contact the contact person of the study program:


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