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International Summer Course

International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies

University of Bonn

August 7 to 31, 2018

The University of Bonn invites international students and other interested individuals from any field of study or discipline to an International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies.

Since 1947, the University of Bonn offers this successful program to international students from all over the world. Participants will get a chance to experience one of Germany’s oldest and largest universities. With an almost 200-year history, an excellent reputation in Germany and abroad, and a strong academic profile, the University of Bonn is one of the most distinguished universities in Germany. It is a modern research-oriented university that operates internationally while remaining conscious of its long traditions. Additionally, participants will be able to enjoy staying in Bonn, a city proud of its 2.000 years of history. Bonn is not only the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven. It is also a modern and vibrant international city located at the river Rhine. These days, Bonn is not just known as United Nations City. As the former German capital, it also still houses various governmental institutions and carries to this day the label “Federal City”. As you can see, Bonn has a lot to offer to international visitors regarding history, culture and politics.

The International Summer Course offers the participants the opportunity to learn the German language or to improve existing language skills and to gain insight into German cultural studies. It will take place from August 7 - August 31, 2018.

The International Summer Course includes:

  • German language courses every morning from Monday to Friday (courses for all levels, from basic over intermediate to advanced level)
  • Elective modules (for example in the field of politics, culture and history)
  • Social activities and leisure programs (for example excursions)


The International Summer Course aims at offering the participants the opportunity to learn the German language or to improve existing language skills, gaining insight into German cultural studies, participating in interesting excursions, getting to know the internationally well-reputed University of Bonn and the city of Bonn, and at making new contacts and fostering new friendships.


German language courses

During the International Summer Course, participants have the chance to learn German or to improve existing language skills. There will be courses for all levels, from courses for beginners to courses for advanced learners.

Classes will be small (up to 13 participants). Language courses will take place every morning from Monday to Friday. The International Summer Course offers 60 hours of German language courses in total.

The participants will take an online assessment test before the International Summer Course starts. Assignments to the German courses are based on the results of the assessment test.

Elective modules

Additionally, the program includes elective modules (for example in the field of politics, culture and history).

The elective modules will take place after the language courses in the afternoon (14 hours in total).

The following elective modules are offered: 

Module 1: Phonetics Elementary 
Module 2: Poets and Philosophers
Module 3: Introduction to German History 
Module 4: Phonetics Intermediate
Module 5: Introduction to the German political system
Module 6: Drama Course


Social activities and leisure programs  

Furthermore, the program includes various social activities and leisure programs:

City tours to Aachen, Brühl, Cologne and a hiking tour to the Siebengebirge

Excursions to research centers, museums and public institutions in the region. 


Arrival and duration of the program

Your arrival day for the International Summer Course is August 7, 2018. Registration is possible between 9 am and 6 pm. Please make sure to arrive in time.

The regular Summer Course program starts on August 8, 2018 and continues until August 31, 2018, approx. 6 pm. Please consider this when you plan your stay! 


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible to register for the International Summer Course, you must fulfill the requirements given below:

  • university entrance qualification/qualification for admission to higher education,
  • minimum age of 18 years.

Please note that spouses can only attend the International Summer Course if they have applied for it and are submitted in the course.   


Applicants who wish to participate in the International Summer Course must apply by May 4, 2018. The selected participants will be notified within six weeks after the registration or at the latest one week after the registration deadline.

Applicants should send us the following documents (written in German or English):

  • completely filled in and signed application form
  • résumé / curriculum vitae (should contain personal data; school and higher education; professional skills, e.g. language skills, IT skills etc.; work experience, e.g. internships, traineeships etc.)
  • two passport photos.

Please send the documents 

  • via email to: (the passport photos will have to be sent via mail to the address mentioned below)


  • via mail to: University of Bonn, International Office, Ms. Sandra Gilgan, Poppelsdorfer Allee 102, 53115 Bonn, Germany

To guide you through the whole application process, feel free to download our Step-by-Step-guide.

Participation Fee

The participation fee amounts to 775 € (including the costs for the excursions). The fee does not include housing or meals. 

The bank transfer information will be provided to the selected participants.

Please note that the participation fee is due by May 25, 2018. Participation in the International Summer Course is only possible after confirmation of payment.   

If you cancel before May 25, 2018 we will reimburse the participation fee for a service fee of 50 €. Please note that we cannot reimburse the participation fee, if you cancel after May 25, 2018

The University of Bonn does not anticipate the cancellation of the International Summer Course. However, if it should become necessary due to world events, gross under enrollment or other circumstances to cancel or significantly change the program, all applicants / selected participants will be promptly notified and provided a full reimbursement of the participation fee.  


It is possible to apply with regard to this International Summer Course for a DAAD university summer course scholarship. Information about the scholarship program and application requirements is available here.

If you wish to apply, please use the following key code: HSK-1273.

Please also consider exploring other sources of financial aid. Your home institution might be able to advise you on financial aid possibilities.

Certificate of Attendance / ECTS Credits

Participants who attend the program and pass the final exam will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

If you are interested in obtaining ECTS credits, you can gain up to 6 ECTS credits (equivalent to 3 U.S. credits). Please contact us if you wish to obtain ECTS credits. We will inform you about the requirements.   

Please note that the University of Bonn can only recommend that the home institutions award participants with ECTS credits. Participants who wish to receive the ECTS credits will have to contact the office in their university that deals with external credit. It is up to the home institutions of the participants as to how much credit they award. Of course, we will gladly advise them.


Accommodation can be either arranged by us or by the participants themselves.

Reservation for a dorm room
We have reserved a limited number of rooms in the student dormitory that cost up to 400 € (for the whole course duration). Please indicate in the application form if you wish us to reserve one of these rooms for you or if you prefer to take care of your accommodation yourself.
Participants who prefer to take care of their accommodation themselves may refer to our information sheet on housing in the area of Bonn to facilitate their search.
Participants who wish to reserve a room are put on the reservation list in the order in which we receive the applications. There is no guarantee of availability of the requested room! Participants will be informed about the status of room application by the end of May 2018.
Organizational details
If you are selected for one of the reserved rooms in the student dorm, you will receive an email stating the payment details. Please note that your room reservation is only binding after successful transfer of all costs.  
Room sizes in our dormitories may vary, which means that the rent might also vary. If the amount of the fee is lower than expected due to the different room sizes, we will reimburse the resulting difference in cash on the last day of the Summer Course. Please note that due to the difficult housing situation in Bonn, the International Office is not able to provide apartments for families.
Rooms will be available starting from the day of arrivalUnfortunately, the rooms will not be available before the day of arrival. Please also note that it will not be possible to move to another student dormitory once you have been assigned a room. A deposit of 50 € has to be paid in cash during registration. The deposit will be returned to you after check-out if the room has been returned in a proper condition and the keys have been returned, too.
Please further note that the student dormitories are not part of the University of Bonn and are under the responsibility of the Student's Services Agency "Studierendenwerk Bonn". The dormitories are collegiate accommodations and their overall conditions cleanliness depend on the functioning of the particular collegiate self-administration. The International Office is neither responsible for any kinds of deficits nor for their rectification. Your contact persons concerning possible repairs or complaints are the janitors in the dorms or the Student's Agency "Studierendenwerk Bonn". 

Insurance, Liability and Applicable Law

Any participant of the International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies must have insurance covering health, accident and personal liability risks. These insurances are not provided via the International Summer Course. It is the responsibility of the participants to take care of such insurance coverage. The University of Bonn’s liability for any damage occurring during the program (including excursions, social activities, leisure programs etc.) is limited to the extent legally possible.

The applicable law for the implementation of the program is German law.


Please indicate in the application form if you need an official letter from the University of Bonn confirming your admission to the International Summer Course in order to apply for a visa. The letter will be sent with the admission notification.

Please also note that all visa procedures remain in the responsibility of the participants and must be taken care of in due time.  


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions:

Former Participants' Feedback

In 2017, the University of Bonn welcomed international students for an International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies for the 70th time. Some participants share their expecience and impressions.


International Summer Course for German Language and Cultural Studies 2017



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