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DSH Preparatory Courses (DSH-VK)


The University of Bonn provides language courses for applicants to the university who wish to prepare for the German Language Proficiency Test for Admission to Higher Education (DSH).

General Information

The DSH preparatory course is subdivided into a basic and advanced level. The basic level taught in the first semester prepares students for the advanced level taught in the second semester and which itself leads to the DSH. An online-placement test and an offline classroom-based placement test run at the start of every semester to determine the right course level for each student.




The course culminates in the DSH. Participants in the basic level course take the final examination after two semesters, participants in the advanced level after one semester. The first attempt of the DSH is not subject to a fee. Repetition of the DSH after a failed attempt is subject to a fee of € 110. Students failing the examination may retake the German course once (subject to a fee).

Applicants who attend the preparatory course remain enrolled until they have passed (max. 2 semesters) or failed the DSH for the final time (max. 2 semesters, 3 semesters with course repeat).

Passing the examination does not entitle candidates to enroll for a degree program.

Requirements for registration

Students wishing to register for the preparatory course require proven knowledge on the B1 level or above. They should be able to communicate with us in written German.

We accept the following certificates as proof of language proficiency:

  • Goethe-certificate B1 (min. 75% in the overall result) or a higher level certificate
  • telc-certificate B1 (min. 75% in the overall result) or a higher level certificate
  • A TestDaF certificate showing the minimum level of TDN 3 in at least one part of the examination.

The certificates submitted may not be older than two years.

Applications for a place on the course must have been received by the Student Registry at the University of Bonn by the application deadline.

Application and registration for the DSH preparatory courses

Step 1: International applicants must submit an application for admission for a place on a degree program.

Step 2: Answer the question “Do you wish to apply for a place in a preparatory German course in the next semester” with YES.

This also applies to international applicants for a master’s degree program.




Application deadlines

  • For the summer semester: by January 15 at the latest 
  • For the winter semester: by July 15 at the latest 

Further information about the application procedure is provided on the website of the responsible Student Registry at the University of Bonn.


The course fee amounts to € 1,480

Please note: The fee is non-refundable after the course has commenced. Should you be unable to arrive by the specified date, please inform us by April 10/ October 10. Only then is it possible to reimburse the fees already paid minus an administrative fee of € 50.

Course duration and teaching times

  • Duration: max. 18 weeks
  • In the summer semester: April to August/ September
  • In the winter semester: October to February/ March
  • Teaching: Monday to Friday (20 weekly 45-minute units)

Lessons are provided on a daily basis. Timetables depend on the overall schedule of German courses at the International Office. Selecting a course based on time of day is not possible.


Participants in the preparatory course can apply for accommodation in a student residence (dormitory) at the University of Bonn. Information about the application procedure is available here: Studierendenwerk Bonn.

Please note: The International Office does not provide student accommodation.



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