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Information for Erasmus Interns

In constrast to the Erasmus+ study abroad programme, Erasmus+ for internships is not based on a cooperation agreement between universities. Therefore, procedures and regulations are different. 

Infoquadrat-15px.png The following information only applies to students doing an Erasmus+ internship at the University of Bonn.

If you are doing an internship at an organization or company outside the University of Bonn, please contact them directly. In these cases, the University of Bonn is not involved in organizational matters and cannot provide support for interns, including the areas of housing and other related matters.

International students doing an internship outside the framework of Erasmus+ can find more information here.

Contact / Application

If you plan to apply for an internship at the University of Bonn, please get in touch with the relevant Erasmus Departmental Coordinators at the University of Bonn.


Generally, enrolment is not included with an Erasmus+ internship. However, the department where you are doing your internship is allowed to determine if enrolment is necessary.

  • Students doing the internship during regular semester dates and arriving at the beginning of the semester (October, April), might be able to join the Erasmus enrolment, if enrollment is required by the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator. In this case, you have to apply in Mobility-Online by the deadline 15th May/1st November.
  • Interns arriving at any other time period within the semester or holidays, need to contact their department / institute for orientation and, if applicable, enrolment.


Please be aware that you need to have sufficient insurance coverage for the duration of your internship at the University of Bonn. Health insurance, accident and liability insurance are all mandatory. Interns are responsible for getting their own insurance. Your home university should have informed you about any relevant insurance issues.

  • Health Insurance

Generally, the European Health Insurance Card is also valid in Germany and covers most standard medical treatments.

You should, however, carefully check with your health insurance company in your home country which services are covered. There can be substantial differences depending on your nationality. Sometimes it is necessary to take out additional private insurance for certain services, for example returning to your home country in case of serious illness or death.

In case of a paid internship, you need to have a German health insurance (ca. 100€ per month). Please get in touch with a German public health insurance company (such as AOK, DAK, BARMER, Techniker Krankenkasse)

  • Accident Insurance

Since interns are usually not enrolled at the university, you should find out (while in your home country) to what extent an existing accident insurance can be expanded or made for the duration of your internship in Germany. 
Only students who are enrolled during their internship are covered by the accident insurance of the University of Bonn on the way to the university as well as between and inside university buildings.

  • Liability Insurance

You are strongly advised to take out personal liability insurance as well. Personal liability insurance covers possible damages caused by the student at their workplace.
Only interns who are enrolled at the University of Bonn are covered by the liability insurance of the University of Bonn.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers an insurance package for interns which covers health, accident and personal liability insurance.


Here you can find useful information on how to find accommodation in Bonn.

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