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After your Arrival

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After your arrival in Bonn, you will have to complete a number of formalities. 
For details, please check your Erasmus Student Guide that you will receive on the arrival day of the Erasmus Welcome Week!

For a brief overview, check here:

Infopunkt ...DID YOU KNOW? We will support you with all these formalities during the Welcome Week! Have a look into our latest programme.
Infopunkt On our check list, you will find an overview of things that you need to do after your arrival.

Tenancy Contract

If you find a room or flat on the private market, you will also have to sign a tenancy contract and pay a deposit. 

But careful: do not pay a deposit without having seen the flat or without having signed a contract. If this is asked of you, this might be an attempted fraud.


Enrolment at the university

To study at the University of Bonn, you have to be enrolled as a student. more...


Registration with the city of Bonn


Opening of a bank account


Erasmus documents


[Registration with the Immigration Office/Visa]


[Work permit]


More information on that matter can be found under enrolment at the university.

Before leaving Bonn

Deregistration with the city of Bonn. more...





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