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After studies


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After studies


If you wish to end your studies, you have two options:

·       Submit an application to be removed from the student register

·       Forego registration for the upcoming semester

You can find more information on "Exmatrikulation" on the homepage of the Studentensekretariat (in German).


In general: it is statutory to register, or re-register in the case of a move, at the registration office of the city ("Bürgeramt") within two weeks following your move-in date. Furthermore, if you leave the country, you have to de-register.

Re-registering is necessary: 
  • if you change your residence within the same town, you have to update your registration with your new address (with access for personal postal services and face-to-face availability; bear in mind: addresses from hotels, hostels or the like will not be accepted)
  • if you move to another city in Germany and after your registration there, a cancellation of your old address will happen automatically.
  • Is only required when you leave Germany and move to another country or without a permanent place of residence
  • from one week before your move abroad or until two weeks after your move (witout a permant address).
When you stay in Germany for less than 3 months, you do not have to register or de-register!
If you want to re-register or deregister at the city of Bonn after the 1st of November 2015, you have to provide the “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”. This is a confirmation from your landlord or landlady, stating that you live/have lived in his/her property.
The Landlord or the Landlady has the obligation to cooperate! When you move in or out of one of the student dormitories from the “Studierendenwerk Bonn”, the property manager will fill in the “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung”.
Annotation: For landlords/landladies it is forbidden by law to provide an address, if the property is not rented out or not going to be rented out to the given person. Otherwise, the landlord/landlady can be penalized with a fine of up to 50.000 €. If a landlord/landlady refrains from filling in the form, if he or she provides false data and if he or she provides the data too late, the landlord/lady can be penalized with a fine of up to 1000 €.
By families it is enough, if one of the registration obliged persons comes around. Those who are obliged to register can be represented. In this case is the personal signature at the departure notification - by families one is enough - required. The representative must be able to give all the necessary information about the represented ones, who are obliged to register, especially concerning other apartments and their side/main apartment status.
You have to deregister in Bonn at the:
Bürgeramt Bonn
Berliner Platz 2 
53111 Bonn
Phone: +49 (0) 2 28) 77 66 77
Office hours: Mo. and Thu. 8 a.m. - 6 pm  
Tue., We. and Fr.: 8 a.m. -  1 p.m.  
Flyer: Citizens Service Center
In general the notification of departure should be provided personally and you need an appointment for registering, you find the Link for an online-request (see"Terminreservierung") and the required documents here.
In order to register you need the following documents:
  • the "Abmeldung" (registration form)
  • passport or ID card
  • a living address valid in Bonn
  • the "Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung"


Equally: Closing your bank account / insurance policies - you should close your bank account / health insurance contract or the like, a few days before departing Germany to avoid unnecessary charges or fees!


Working permission, residence permit and recognition of diplomas in Germany.

You have an university degree and want to work in Germany? On the next pages you will find important information about the working permission, residence permit and recognition of diplomas in Germany.

1.   Alumni from EU, Island, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

Working permission, residence permit

There are no restrictions for the citizens of these countries on the German labor market. No visa or residence permit is required. Only Passport is needed for the arrival.

Exception: Alumni from Switzerland need to apply for the special residence permission (§ 28 AufenthV).

If you have questions about the process of getting the working permission, please contact  the Central for International Migration and Development ( Zentrale Auslands-und Fachvermittlung, Phone: 0049 (0)228-71301313, e-mail: make-it-in-germany(at)

2. Alumni from the third countries

Important information for international alumni of German universities

Would you like to find a qualified Job in Germany that matches your academic achievement? You can get the permission at the foreigner's registration office.

If you can't find the job after your graduation, you can apply for extension of your residence permission for 18 months (§ 16.4 AufenthG) to find the job during this time. 

Residence and working permit

As an academic with a German university degree or a foreign recognised university degree you can get the residence permit  „Blue card EU“ . The requierment is the working place in Germany that matches your qualification and the annual gross pay of at least 50.800 Euro, in shortage occupation 39.624.

2.1 Blue card EU: for further information see -


3.    Recognition of degrees

Please notice, that in Germany your degree should be proved for the further recognition. You should also check, which reference jobs might be considered here. 

You can apply for this procedure independently of your nationality and your residence permit and already before entering Germany.

Especially, when you have a regulated profession in Germany, you need a governmental admission and an acknowledgement of your occupational qualification. Jobs that are regulated in Germany are for instance jobs in the health sector and in the education sector ( i.e. doctor, nurse, child care worker). Moreover, there are special regulations concerning independent activities such as baker or hair dresser.

For non-regulated jobs (i.e. industrial business, mechanic or electric worker) you do not need any formal recognition of your degree and you are able to apply without verification of your qualifications. Nevertheless, for an application in the labor market, we recommend a review of your qualifications, so that your potential employers and companies can assess your qualifications.


3.1. The process

If you want to make an application, you have to contact the authority, which represents your professional group. The further information you get at: or per phone 0049 30 1815 1111.

The first step is to decide with which concrete German professional degree you want to compare your degree. The competent authority can help you with it.


3.2. Support and Addresses

Besides the information on the homepage, the 'IQ Network NRW' offers in the pre-application period advice and support:

Sebastian Atmer
LerNet Bonn / Rhein Sieg e.V.
Rathausstraße 3
53225 Bonn
Phone: 0049 (0) 228 97 63 89 83 und Email: //

 4.    Important information for international alumni of the German Universities

Usually you get a residence and work permit if you find work in Germany, that matches your studies. You will get the permission at the foreigner's registration office.

If you can't find the job after your graduation, you can apply for extention of your residence permission for 18 months. You are free to find any job to ensure your living.


5.    Offers of the University Bonn for the students in the final period of the studies and Alumni

Further education programmes that maintain your career start  are being offered by the Career Center of the University Bonn. Targeted to the alumni of the Bonn University it will help you starting from the applications forms to the consultation.

  • The Career Center of the Bonn Univertsity offers, for instance, in the cooperation with the Employment Agency a detailed application order-Check for the students and alumni. hier. 

The project „Berufseinstieg für internationale Studierende“  (career start for international students) prepares outstanding international students and alumni, who want to work in Germany, to their career start and helps with the application process.

If you are planning to do your Promotion at the Bonn University, you can find a detailed information here. Dezernat Internationals at the University Bonn offers to the PhD students Workshops and Seminars, e.g.:

  •  Connect your career - managing dissertation and career entry (Workshop in English): 

    Introduction to German application standards a career profiling for Ph.D. candidates in their final year of the doctoral theses (natural sciences and humanities).
    Date:  June 30, 2017 9:30 am- 5 pm
    Location: Conferrence room at the International Office, Poppelsdorfer Allee 53
    The maximum number of participants is 15 persons.

6.    Important Web-sites concerning the topic career entry:


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