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Questions and answers about the preliminary courses

On this page you will find general information of all preliminary courses as well as more specific information about the preliminary courses offered by the Faculty of Humanities. If you have any questions regarding the content, please contact the respective contact person of your preliminary course.

General questions

No. All preliminary courses are free of charge for first-year students.

No. Participation in preliminary courses is not mandatory; participants attend on a voluntary basis. This means that students attending a preliminary course are not covered by statutory accident insurance.

Preliminary course participants who do not have a student transit pass yet may apply for a discounted trainee ticket. See the website of the General Students' Committee (AStA) formore detailed information.

Questions about PreCampus

Most likely nothing. The folder is still empty because many documents will only be made available as the course progresses.

“Availability” only indicates the dates on which the course may be viewed on PreCampus. These dates have nothing to do with the actual course dates.

You can delete your account on PreCampus: After logging in, open the “Personal Desktop” menu and select “Settings.” Now click on the “Delete account” tab and confirm.

Questions about the preliminary courses of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Academic English Culture and Society in Historical and Political Context | Learning, Memorization and Time Management Strategies | Writing Lab | Latin for Beginners (Latin I, Intensive Course) | Latin for Returning Learners (for students of other subjects)

Registration is easy: simply use the online portal PreCampus to register for the preliminary courses you would like to take (Sept 2-23, 2020). To register, you do not have to be enrolled at the University yet - simply create an account for yourself in PreCampus. At a later stage, you can also use the portal to communicate with other course participants and to receive materials and up-to-date information about the course from us or from the course instructor. A guide on how to set up a PreCampus account is available here. If you experience any problems with your account, please see the PreCampus FAQs below.

Please log into your PreCampus account and select “Magazine.” Click on “Preliminary Courses Humanities and Social Sciences.” You now see folders that contain the individual courses. Select the folder you want and choose your preferred course date. In the “Action” menu for each course, you can choose the option “Join.” The folders also contain course descriptions and information on where and when the course is held. If you experience any problems with your account, please see the PreCampus FAQs below.

As soon as you join a course on PreCampus (see previous question), you will automatically receive an email confirmation. This means you have been admitted to the course. The course is now also displayed on your “personal desktop” on PreCampus. As the number of participants per course is limited, you may find that some courses are already full. In that case, you may be placed on a wait list. But be sure to also check out the other course dates; most courses are offered on multiple dates. If you do not receive an email confirmation or experience other problems when trying to register, please email us at

For recommendations on suitable preliminary courses for each academic discipline, click here. You are welcome to attend multiple preliminary courses. But please be careful not to select courses with overlapping dates. And please do not register for multiple dates of the same preliminary course. If this has happened, please contact us as soon as possible at to let us know which course you really want to take. This will allow us to make space available again for other students. To help you with your planning, we have created an overview of course dates for all preliminary courses.

Please be sure to email us at to preserve your spot in the course. If you do not have a valid excuse for not showing up for the first session, your spot may be given to persons on the wait list.

In this case, email us at to inform us of the situation so that we can offer your spot to persons on the wait list, if possible.

Please contact us at

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