Preliminary Course "Protestant Theology (Intensive Language Course Hebrew)"

The Faculty of Protestant Theology offers an intensive language course in Hebrew in the summer (August to October) and an intensive language course in Greek in the spring (February to April). Whereas the language course in Hebrew leads directly to the “Hebraicum” examination at the end, the intensive language course in Greek in spring is the first in a three-part series of courses preparing students for the “Graecum” examination.

Course description

This intensive language course is a great opportunity to acquire the required foreign language skills in Hebrew before you even begin your studies in Protestant Theology. Given that this is an intensive course, participation only makes sense if you have no other commitments throughout the duration of the course and if you are prepared to invest at least 50 hours per week for the course units and for preparation and follow-up study.

Please note that the instruction language is German. For more information on this course, see the list of summer semester courses for Protestant Theology in the electronic course catalog under Protestant Theology ► Church Degree (modularized) ► Language courses ► Hebrew

  • Protestant Theology (Church Degree/Mag. Theol.)
  • Protestant Theology (Teaching Degree)
  • Protestant Theology and Hermeneutics (BA)



Aug 17 to Oct 2, 2021

  • Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat
  • Location: online via Zoom



PD Dr. Axel Graupner



Dr. Eike Kohler

0228 / 73-60034

Taking the Hebraicum examination of the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the end of the course is only possible if you are regularly enrolled in a degree program at the Faculty of Protestant Theology at the University of Bonn in the winter semester following the intensive course. If your status at the Faculty is auditor, you only have permission to take the course but not the examination. As an alternative, you may also take the Hebraicum examination as a supplementary Abitur examination at the Cologne Regional Board. (Note that the registration deadline at the Regional Board ends in mid-July!)


To register for this course, you need to email us at and be enrolled in a degree program or registered as an auditor during the course period (summer semester).

Questions and answers

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