Preliminary Course "Mathematics (major)"

The preliminary course is designed to give students a realistic idea of the discipline’s typical contents, methods and specific difficulties. Of course, this is only possible to a very limited extent in two weeks. The goal of the course is not to help participants refresh their high school knowledge or to close existing knowledge gaps between participants. Rather, the course will explore topics that are new to most participants. Neither does it matter whether participants have understood and memorized everything by the end of the course, because most of the topics covered will be addressed again in more detail at one point or another during their studies. The goal rather is to make participants fully aware early on in their studies that mathematics is a captivating but (unfortunately) not a very easy discipline. 

Course description

The preliminary course is structured as follows: From about 11 am to 1 pm, there will be a lecture. In the afternoons, participants are expected to engage in exercises solving small problems independently to deepen and practice what they heard in the lecture. This is done in small groups; tutors are available to help if difficulties arise. The primary target group for this course is incoming first-year students with a major in mathematics. First-year students in physics and computer science are always welcome to participate as well, given that these disciplines involve their fair share of mathematics, which should not be underestimated under any circumstance. Furthermore, the preliminary course is intended as a decision-making aid for prospective students who are still unsure about choosing mathematics. 

  • Mathematics (B.Sc.)
  • Mathematics (Teaching Degreee)
  • Physics (B.Sc.)



Monday, Sept  6, 2021 to  Friday, Sept.17, 2021


11-13 am

Excercies groups

2h in the afternoon

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie nach der Anmeldung zum Kurs



Dr. Michael Welter



Jip Veldman


Registration for this course starts on August 1. 

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