Preliminary Course "Learning, Memorization and Time Management Strategies"

Lectures, oral presentations, written exams, language courses and so much more: As a university student, you have to juggle many tasks and organize your work independently.

Course description

The preliminary course Learning, Memorization and Time Management Strategies will introduce you to insights and techniques based in learning psychology to help you make your learning more sustainable and efficient while managing your time realistically and productively.

Reflecting on your own learning habits – and adjusting those habits, if necessary – is an important part of the course.

The course is designed as a one-day block course consisting of 6 hours of instruction. Six groups are offered before the start of the semester. The maximum course size is 30 participants.

  • English (Teaching Degree)
  • English Studies (BA)
  • Celtic Studies (BA)
  • Archaeologies (BA)
  • Asian and Oriental Languages (BA)
  • Asian Studies (BA)
  • Chinese (BA)
  • Indian Studies (BA)
  • Japanese (BA)
  • Korean (BA)
  • Southeast Asian Studies (BA)
  • Tibetan Studies (BA)
  • Comparative Religious Studies (BA)
  • Anthropology of the Americas (BA)
  • German (Teaching Degree/Bachelor)
  • German Language and Literature (BA)
  • German Language and Literature, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (BA)
  • Comparative Literature (BA)
  • Scandinavian Studies (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • History (Teaching Degree)
  • Greek (Teaching Degree)
  • Ancient Greek Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Ancient Greek and Latin Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Latin (Teaching Degree)
  • Ancient Latin Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Art History (BA)
  • Communication in the Globalized Media Society (BA)
  • Media Studies (BA)
  • Musicology/Sound Studies (BA)
  • Philosophy (BA)
  • Philosophy (Teaching Degree)
  • Psychology (BSc)
  • German-French Studies (BA)
  • German-Italian Studies (BA)
  • French (Teaching Degree)
  • French Studies (BA)
  • Hispanic Studies (BA)
  • Italian Studies (BA)
  • Italian (Teaching Degree)
  • Latin American and Ancient American Studies (BA)
  • Romance Studies (BA)
  • Spanish (Teaching Degree)
  • Politics and Society (BA)
  • Social Sciences (Teaching Degree)



Course 1, Oct 8

Course 2, Oct 9

Course 3, Oct 15

Course 4, Oct 16

Course 5, Oct 22

Course 6, Oct 23

  • Timetable: TBA
  • Total 6 hours of instruction
  • Format: digital



Course 1: Violetta Kuboth

Course 2: Lara Töppich

Course 3: Julia Weber

Course 4: Eliana Abraham

Course 5: Luzie Bieler

Course 6: Lara Töppich




Registration is open Sept 2-23, 2020

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