Preliminary Course "Culture and Society in Historical and Political Context"

The differences between a 19th-century and a 21st-century novel cannot be understood without background knowledge of the societies in which these novels were written. The development of a language is linked to the culture in which it evolves. A 16th-century work of art or an ancient sculpture must be considered in their respective socio-cultural contexts, and even philosophical concepts have a historical and social context that readers must be aware of to categorize them correctly.

Course description

The preliminary course "Transverse and longitudinal sections of the humanities" provides a compact, systematic introduction to this important categorization knowledge. What social and cultural structures characterize certain epochs and regions? What ideas of coexistence did people associate with them? What problems and conflicts arose and continue to arise as a result? You will gain an overview of significant historical developments and upheavals up to the present day and learn how to classify them with the help of concepts and terms from sociology and political science in order to understand and interpret the content of your own subjects in their social and temporal context.

Students who pass the course have the opportunity to have this course recognized for 6 CP in the interdisciplinary practical area.

  • English (Teaching Degree)
  • English Studies (BA)
  • Celtic Studies (BA)
  • Archaeologies (BA)
  • Asian and Oriental Languages (BA)
  • Asian Studies (BA)
  • Chinese (BA)
  • Indian Studies (BA)
  • Japanese (BA)
  • Korean (BA)
  • Southeast Asian Studies (BA)
  • Tibetan Studies (BA)
  • Comparative Religious Studies (BA)
  • Anthropology of the Americas (BA)
  • German (Teaching Degree/Bachelor)
  • German Language and Literature (BA)
  • German Language and Literature, Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies (BA)
  • Comparative Literature (BA)
  • Scandinavian Studies (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • History (Teaching Degree)
  • Greek (Teaching Degree)
  • Ancient Greek Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Ancient Greek and Latin Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Latin (Teaching Degree)
  • Ancient Latin Literature and its Tradition (BA)
  • Art History (BA)
  • Communication in the Globalized Media Society (BA)
  • Media Studies (BA)
  • Musicology/Sound Studies (BA)
  • Philosophy (BA)
  • Philosophy (Teaching Degree)
  • Psychology (BSc)
  • German-French Studies (BA)
  • German-Italian Studies (BA)
  • French (Teaching Degree)
  • French Studies (BA)
  • Hispanic Studies (BA)
  • Italian Studies (BA)
  • Italian (Teaching Degree)
  • Latin American and Ancient American Studies (BA)
  • Romance Studies (BA)
  • Spanish (Teaching Degree)
  • Politics and Society (BA)
  • Social Sciences (Teaching Degree)



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Maria Wiegel





Registration is in august of the corresponding year

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