Teaching Bachelor
Nutrition Science and Home Economics

Nutrition Science and Home Economics

The teaching degree program Nutrition Science and Home Economics is oriented towards basic scientific knowledge and covers a broad and diverse spectrum of subjects in nutrition science, food technology and home economics.

Nutrition science applies scientific methods to examine the processes of digestion and metabolism, especially in humans. Food technology is concerned with the industrial production and processing of food; home economics refers to the economical, sociological and technical aspects of the agricultural and nutrition sectors.

The teaching degree for vocational schools combines a professional discipline with a school subject and educational sciences.


Possible lines of work:

Teaching at vocational schools. To teach at a German public school, candidates must follow up their bachelor’s degree with a Master of Education degree program as well as practical teacher training.

Local NC (Uni Bonn)
Teaching Bachelor
Vocational School (Two-Subject)
6 Semester
Winter semester
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