Bachelor of Science
Meteorology and Geophysics

Meteorology and Geophysics

Meteorology is a largely physically and chemically oriented natural science that deals with the state, composition and movement of the atmosphere. Geophysics deals with the earth’s structure, its physical states and phenomena as well as its interior processes. The classic objective of meteorology is to understand and predict the weather, while geophysics aims at measuring, characterizing and modeling the solid earth and its physical fields. In-situ tools and remote sensing methods, such as radar and laser technology as well as satellites, allow a non-invasive observation of processes in the atmosphere and the subsurface. Once processed with statistical and numerical methods, measurement data are used for process-related analyses and as starting points in mathematical-physical models to describe and forecast meteorological and geophysical phenomena. Both disciplines form part of the earth sciences, have a strong focus on physics and mathematics and aim at capturing, analyzing and predicting physical processes of the earth system. Combining meteorology and geophysics makes it possible to model the significant exchange processes between the involved spheres (atmosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere and lithosphere) as well as to phrase and approach questions in current climate and environmental research. 

Possible lines of work:

Civil service (Deutscher Wetterdienst/German Weather Service), environmental protection / water / waterborne transportation authorities, public-sector or private media, providing expert opinion (insurers, environmental/ecological associations, consulting firms), engineering firms, energy providers, process/software/product development, collection/analysis of technical data (e.g. inspection associations), academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.), expert opinions and distribution in the area of renewable energies (solar and wind power), energy exchange

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Bachelor of Science
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