Master of Science


The interdisciplinary focus of geography, a field which lies between the natural and social sciences, is reflected in the diversity of this degree program’s range of contents. Geography describes, explains and shapes spatial structures and processes, and aids in finding strategies to solve environmentally and socially relevant problems both locally and globally.

What sets Bonn’s Geography master's degree program apart is that specialization is possible but not a requirement. The focus of this degree program can be set individually, allowing for a very specialized or a more general approach when shaping one’s curriculum according to personal interests and the range of courses. Students who wish to specialize can choose one of four fields: Development and Globalization, Governance & Space, Changing Environmental Systems and Water in Global Change.

There are no minors in the master's degree program, but modules in other subjects can be taken for additional credit.


Possible lines of work:

Development collaboration, geographic information systems (GIS), market/opinion research, consulting, natural hazard management, nature/environmental protection, public relations/media, spatial/landscape planning, transport planning and transport infrastructure planning, urban planning/development, academia (research management, teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Local NC (Special selection)
Master of Science
4 Semester
Winter semester

Examination Regulations (German versions are legally binding)

University degree (German or non-German) in a relevant discipline

German language proficiency (DSH level 2, CEFR level C1, as per DSH exam. regulations)

Minimum grade of 3.0 or local equivalent

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