Teaching Bachelor


The teaching degree program in French covers the French language, which evolved from Latin, its special characteristics, its literatures and diverse culture. In this degree program, students deepen their practical knowledge of the language and also encounter content from the fields of linguistics, literary studies and cultural studies.

The field of linguistics examines the emergence, development and current state of the French language (phonology, word formation, syntax, etc.). Students also receive an overview of other subdisciplines of linguistics as well as their theories and methods.

Literary studies provide insights into the literary history of the respective language area from the Middle Ages to the present (periods, genres, authors, works, etc.) as well as theories, methodologies and models with regard to French literature. In addition, students are acquainted with methodologies and aids for literary research.

Cultural studies address theories, methods and models with a view to different cultures but also include country-specific orientational knowledge. This includes the examination of current and historical political, economic and social structures, media landscapes and educational systems in French-speaking geographies.

The teaching degree for vocational schools combines a professional discipline with a school subject and educational sciences.


Possible lines of work:

Teaching at vocational schools. To teach at a German public school, candidates must follow up their bachelor’s degree with a Master of Education degree program as well as practical teacher training.

Research management, education (e.g. adult education at universities, language courses at adult education centers, educational/vocational institutes (Bildungswerke), etc.), book industry (publishing/libraries/translating/editing), culture (cultural institutions, cultural management, embassies, Goethe Institutes, cultural institutes, regional cultural work, exhibitions, etc.), media/journalism (press, radio, television, online media, editing, public relations), administration (international relations, e.g. diplomatic service, EU institutions, international organizations), teaching in the German public school system, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Open admission
Teaching Bachelor
Vocational School (Two-Subject)
6 Semester
Winter semester
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