Master of Arts
European and Asian Art History

European and Asian Art History

The degree program European and Asian Art History, which is taught in German and English, equips students with research-oriented, interdisciplinary knowledge in the two adjacent academic fields of European Art History and Oriental and Asian Art History. The curriculum is supplemented by courses in the area of provenance research. Provenance research is understood as trans-disciplinary context research, which indicates the diversity of the values ascribed to art and cultural objects in various social constellations and by individuals.

As central competencies, students develop in-depth knowledge of art history across various geographic regions and epochs, methodological autonomy in the cultures of various specialized fields and intercultural transfer knowledge. In particular, they expand their skills with regard to analysis processes and art-history methodology. Students can set thematic priorities for the following areas: current research questions (genres and media, art historical classification and criticism), colloquiums/personal project and practical experience. 

Possible lines of work:

Exhibitions (curator work, guided tours), culture (administrative specialist at cultural institutions, municipal cultural affairs offices), museums/monument preservation/art dealing (galleries, auction houses), public relations, insurance (appraisals, claims settlement), tourism (municipal art/cultural museums, cultural tourism guide/program development), academia (research management, teaching/research at a university or research institution)

Open admission
Master of Arts
4 Semester
Winter semester
Summer semester

Examination Regulations (German versions are legally binding)

University degree (German or non-German) in Asian Studies, Art History or a related field.

German language proficiency (DSH level 2, CEFR level C1, as per DSH exam. regulations)

English language proficiency (CEFR level B2)

Minimum grade of 3.0 or local equivalent

Modules from Asian Studies worth at least 36 ECTS credits or from Art History worth 60 ECTS credits.

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