Master of Education
Educational Sciences

Educational Sciences

Educational sciences are the interface between subject-specific training on one side and school as a workplace on the other. The different scientific disciplines in this field aim at deepening educational theory and processes while taking their institutional and overall social organization into account.

In the area of educational and developmental processes, students are equipped with the necessary skills for their practical semester and for practical teacher training, which follows graduation. Students do not only learn about questions regarding the didactics and methodology of creating lessons and learning environments but also about offering support in a differentiated and integrative way, preparing them for teaching an increasingly heterogeneous and diverse group of learners. In addition, this field covers the entire range of psychological and social aspects of learning inside and outside the school as well as their identification.

Possible lines of work:

Schools (teacher, principal, functional positions), teacher education at seminars/universities, school authority/ministry positions, academia/research, educational/career guidance

Local NC (Uni Bonn)
Master of Education
Grammar/Comprehensive School
4 Semester
Winter semester
Summer semester

Examination Regulations (German versions are legally binding)

niversity degree (German or non German) in a relevant discipline

German language proficiency (DSH level 3, CEFR level C2, as per DSH exam. regulations)

Other language skills: Two foreign languages (modern languages on CEFR level A2 or qualification in Latin/Greek)

Specific modules: 67 ECTS credits each in discipline-specific/subject didactics modules of the chosen school subjects (with 3 ECTS credits each in subject didactics) | 24 ECTS credits in educational sciences (with 3 ECTS credits on the topic of inclusion; aptitude and orientation internship as well as vocational internship) | Bachelor's thesis 7 ECTS credits

9 weeks internship, incl. 25 days at a school

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