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Dentistry is concerned with scientifically based diagnosis and treatment of dental, oral, and jaw maladies. Such maladies also include malocclusion of the teeth and missing teeth.

Besides the therapeutic measures of removing diseased teeth, conservative treatment and the construction of dental prostheses, other areas of dentistry have become increasingly important in recent decades such as the prevention of tooth disease, the orthopedic treatment of misalignments and the treatment of diseases of the mouth and jaws. With regard to diagnosis and treatment, our dentistry program stresses a holistic approach, seeing the patient as a biological-medicinal whole, because dental and oral disease can be interrelated with other areas of the body in many different ways, and these must be taken into account. As a result, Bonn offers a number of courses in general medicine as a fixed part of the pre-clinical (anatomy, biochemistry, physiology) and the clinical (internal medicine, ENT, dermatology, pharmacology) sections of its Dentistry degree program.

After students complete their studies by passing the State Dentistry Examination, which is required for a license to practice dentistry, they undergo a practical preparatory period at a dental practice or dental clinic.


Possible lines of work:

Dentist (dental practice, medical care center, hospital, health authority), provider of expert opinion at health insurers or pension insurers, company dentist, military medical officer, employment at trade associations or specialized journals, academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

National Selection Process
State Examination
11 Semester
Winter semester
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