Bachelor of Arts
Cultural Studies and Cultural Anthropology

Cultural Studies and Cultural Anthropology

How we consume goods or services, how we protest, how we move around, how we interact with other people at home, at work or on social media—most of the things we do or see every day we never give a second thought to. Instead, our daily lives are shaped by seemingly natural routines. But why is that? And how did those everyday habits, rituals and ways to interact in “our” society come about? How have they been transformed in the course of history? And how are they linked to global changes? How come we feel a sense of belonging to certain social groups, but to others we do not? Why do we distance ourselves from other people, ostracize others or are ostracized ourselves? Who can and is allowed to be part of “our” society and who is not? What do the terms cultural diversity and cultural identity mean? These are just some of the interesting questions the Cultural Studies and Cultural Anthropology degree program seeks to find answers to.

This subject must be combined with a second subject.

Possible lines of work:

Cultural industry and publicly-funded culture, museums and collections, media production, publishing, archiving and knowledge transfer, adult education, advisory and evaluative positions, cultural heritage, journalism, NGOs and foundations

Job options strongly depend on a graduate’s chosen major.

Local NC (Uni Bonn)
Bachelor of Arts
6 Semester
Winter semester
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