Master of Science
Crop Science

Crop Science

The Master of Science program Crop Science covers basic aspects of the production of high-quality plant-based feeds, foods and renewable raw materials and explores the larger picture of how all these aspects all fit together, also considering the national and international levels. This is a research-oriented degree program that aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge, theoretical and methodological competence, and knowledge of the processes needed to conduct autonomous and innovative research in crop science (food, feed and resources). An overarching priority of this degree program is that students learn to critically assess scientific findings and put them into proper scientific perspective, and that they learn to act responsibly in agricultural occupations.

Thematic priorities in Bonn include general ecological and production-technological conditions as well as resource conservation in the production of plant-based food, feed and renewable raw materials. Other central content of this degree program includes molecular aspects of crop sciences and sensor-based recognition of plant and soil conditions as the basis for plant breeding or precision agriculture methods.


Possible lines of work:

Research and teaching in Germany or internationally, a position of responsibility at a research and development laboratory in the agriculture and food industry, a management position in production, product development and technology of companies, a position of responsibility at a technology company, corporate management (of specific divisions/sub-divisions), marketing, consulting

Open admission
Master of Science
4 Semester
Winter semester
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