Bachelor of Arts
Celtic Studies

Celtic Studies

Celtic languages are still spoken today in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Brittany. There are also efforts being made to revive other Celtic languages (Manx, Cornish). Celtic Studies examine the languages, literatures and cultures of Celtic-speaking countries and regions from antiquity until today.

This program‘s main focus is on Celtic languages as an important medium through which cultural heritage is conveyed. Taking these languages as a starting point, students view and examine other cultural expressions, mainly the literatures and the cultures of the modern period. Students acquire basic knowledge of Celtic history and the methods of Celtic studies but may also learn selected modern and/or medieval Celtic languages. The University of Bonn currently offers courses in Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and Cymraeg (Welsh).

Through regular movie nights and field trips, the program connects teaching content with real life and offers examples of living Celtic culture and their geographic regions.

This subject must be combined with a second subject.

Possible lines of work:

Education (adult education, language teaching), culture (cultural institutions, Goethe Institutes, embassies, cultural management, museums, theaters, exhibitions), publishing/ libraries/ translations/ editing, media/ communications (press, radio, television, online media, journalism, public relations), academia (teaching/research at universities, research institutions, etc.)

Job options strongly depend on a graduate’s chosen major.

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At the University of Bonn, multilingualism and cultural diversity are considered to be valuable resources that complement subject-specific qualifications. This is why, in addition to curricular language modules, students have access to a diverse range of language-learning offers, including the independent-study offers at the Center for Language Learning (Sprachlernzentrum, SLZ) in which they can autonomously learn a foreign language or enhance existing language skills. Furthermore, students can apply for the “Certificate of Intercultural Competence” free of charge, which promotes extra-curricular and interdisciplinary activities of international or intercultural nature.

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