Teaching Bachelor
Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science

In the broadest sense, agricultural sciences encompass all disciplines that explore questions about the primary production of human food, animal feed and renewable resources.

At the University of Bonn, agricultural sciences is a highly efficient and research-oriented discipline. Besides the original core area of this discipline—sustainable production of healthy and high-quality human foodstuffs, animal feeds and renewable resources—additional scientific, technical, economic, ecological and social problems regarding agricultural products and rural space in Germany and the world are covered in the context of conserving the bases of our life: food and the environment.

The teaching degree for vocational schools combines a professional discipline with a school subject and educational sciences.

Possible lines of work:

Teaching at vocational schools. To teach at a German public school, candidates must follow up their bachelor’s degree with a Master of Education degree program as well as practical teacher training.

Open admission
Teaching Bachelor
Vocational School (Two-Subject)
6 Semester
Winter semester
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