New Address?

Data Changes

Please inform the University of Bonn immediately about any changes in your personal data (e.g. changes in your name, citizenship).

Changes in your personal data

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If your personal data change, please send us a copy of your ID document showing the corrections to be made.

Name change and change of gender entry TSG

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Transgender persons have the possibility to apply for a change of first name and gender entry in advance without a court order according to the Transsexual Act (TSG). To do so, please submit the corresponding request with all required proofs by mail to the Student Registry. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Claudia Schneider.

Change of address

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You can update your address yourself anytime at the study service portal.


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Log into the study service portal to check whether payments have already been received for the current semester, or how much has been received.  If you submitted your payment very early, you may initially see the amount listed as credit for the ongoing semester.  

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