Anyone interested in attending individual courses who is not enrolled as a student can be admitted as an auditor within the limitations of available places. The lecturer responsible has the final say regarding admission to their courses. Auditors are not entitled to take examinations and can only receive confirmation of attendance.

How can I become an auditor?

Applications for auditor status can be sent to the Student Registry by post. You will need to pay EUR 100 to the University of Bonn to be admitted as an auditor:

IBAN: DE08370501980000057695 (Sparkasse Köln-Bonn)

Your payment receipt must be enclosed with your application. As far as possible, auditor applications for the summer semester should be submitted to the Student Registry between April and May and those for the winter semester between October and November.

Once you have received the auditor's certificate stamped by the Student Registry, please contact the University IT and Data Center with it.

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