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Applicants Performing Military/Social Service

Applicants who are admitted while performing military or social service are unable to enroll for the time being. These applicants are entitled to re-admission if they re-apply by no later than the second admissions deadline after completing their term of service. They will then be accepted through priority admission as part of an advance quota.

Important note

If you are interested in a degree program with a restricted admission policy, we strongly recommend applying before or during your term of service.

Applicants are only entitled to re-admission if they were in fact admitted to their program of choice prior to their service or during their service. If a degree program does not have admission restrictions before you begin your service, you are entitled to priority admission even if admission restrictions were introduced after your initial application.

Qualifying types of service:

  • Voluntary military service, military service of up to three years
  • Civilian service and corresponding services abroad
  • Voluntary Social Year (FSJ), Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ), European
  • Voluntary Service (EFJ), International Youth Voluntary Service (JFD), Federal
  • Voluntary Service (BFD), each for a period of at least six months
  • Participation in the “Weltwärts” and “Kulturweit” cultural programs for at least six months
  • Service with a development aid agency for at least two years
  • Childcare or nursing care for a natural/adopted child aged under 18 years or for another relative in need of care for a period of up to three years 

International applicants from the EU/EEA performing military or social service in Germany or abroad may qualify for the abovementioned policies if their service is equivalent to the German services listed above. The same applies to non-German citizens who earned a German university entrance qualification.
In the case of German applicants who also hold a foreign citizenship, services performed abroad may also qualify as long as they are equivalent to a German service.

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