Compensation for energy costs

Energy Grant

In late 2022, the German federal government and the German states launched a €200 lump-sum energy grant for students with the Act on the Payment of a One-Off Energy Grant for Students (EPPSG). This web page will explain the most important points.

Who can get the energy grant:

The grant is available to anyone who matched one of the following descriptions on the cut-off date of December 1, 2022:

  • Enrolled students
  • Enrolled doctoral candidates
  • Enrolled students undertaking continuing education
  • Enrolled program students

Cross-registered students can obtain the information they need for their application from their main university.

Auditors and students of the DSH-preparatory course are not eligible for the energy grant.

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Applying for the energy grant for students

Details of the application process are available from r, where you will also be able to submit your application from March 15, 2023 onward.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact exclusively the nationwide hotline at +49 800 2623 003.

Obtaining your authorization code and PIN for the energy grant from the University of Bonn:

An authorization code and PIN are required in order to apply. You can obtain these exclusively via the Study Service from March 15.

Once you have logged in, you will find your personal authorization code and PIN under the menu item entitled Mein EPPSG-Berechtigungscode (“My EPPSG authorization code”) on the Study Service. The Wichtige Studienunterlagen (“Key study documents”) also contains a document called PIN-Brief für Energiepreispauschale (“PIN letter for energy grant”), which will likewise give you both pieces of information.

Accessing the Study Service

You will need your activated Uni-ID to access the Study Service.

You can find your Uni-ID on your semester sheet, which was sent to you after enrollment or re-registration.

If you do not know your Uni-ID or it has not been activated, you can read more about finding out or activating your Uni-ID and resetting your password at the website of our University IT and Data Center

Information for enrolled doctoral students:

Please note that you can only use functions of the Study Services in the role "Student". You can change your role in the top right corner of the Study Service using the drop-down menu.

Information for students who have already deregistered:

If you have already finished studying and no longer have an active Uni-ID, please email us at Put “EPPSG” in the subject line and attach

  •  a copy of your valid personal ID or passport.
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