18. March 2024

Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value

New online training available

The new online training course "Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value" teaches the basics of the impact of research in business, politics and society. What counts as impact, how can it be embedded and considered in every step of the research process and ultimately implemented effectively? The Bonn Graduate Center, the Funding Advisory Service and the Transfer Center enaCom at the University of Bonn co-developed this program as part of an international group of experts around the leading provider of online training EPIGEUM. This makes the University of Bonn one of the first universities in the German-speaking world to offer this course.

Research Impact: Creating Meaning and Value
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"In order to transfer more research into practice, it is important that the idea of the research impact is already taken into consideration when applications are submitted, for example. With our comprehensive range of advisory and qualification services, we are committed to strengthening the idea of exploitation. This is precisely the aim of the new online service. The ideas generated there for the application of your own research can then be further developed together with us," says Sandra Speer, Head of the Transfer Center enaCom.

"The idea of impact has always been an important component in many of our soft-skill training courses for early career researchers, such as the workshops on science communication," says Clara Kaminsky, Head of the Bonn Graduate Center. "With the impact training that has now been launched, we have added a valuable offer to the qualification program. For the first time, an offering focuses on the impact of one's own research and shows young researchers how impact can succeed. Science is not an end in itself, it should make a difference and have an impact on society with its results - with the impact training, we are creating good conditions for this."

Since March 2024, all researchers at the University of Bonn can complete the "Research Impact" course independently online. In five modules, which take around four to five hours in total including the final test, the basics and ideas for their application are taught. Participants gain an overview of the range of possible impacts and create an overview of the impact of their own research. In the next steps, an impact objective is defined and planned with measures and strategies for involving the defined stakeholders. In addition, key aspects of evaluating and monitoring research impact are explained and methods for measuring research impact are presented.

The Research Impact course offers a multidisciplinary approach that allows participants to choose their own individual path. The flexible, modular structure also provides flexibility in terms of time and location.

The training is part of the Argelander Program for Early Career Researchers, to which all doctoral and postdoctoral researchers have access, but can also be taken by participants at other career stages.

Click here to go directly to the online course on eCampus.

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