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An innovative idea, a sustainable business model and founding personalities with persistence - these are all important topics for successful start-ups. With our inspiring start-up stories, you can read up on relevant and interesting areas of start-up development.

Start-up Story ClingTechBionics
© Celine Kuru

Small fish - big invention: ClingTechBionics develops super suction cup

Dr. Petra Ditsche has invented a bionic suction cup that adheres to rough, textured and uneven surfaces. Inspired by a small fish in the Pacific, the Northern Clingfish, she founded her own start-up ClingTechBionics with the product. In our film interview, she talks about how she got there and in particular the change in perspective from scientist to entrepreneur.

© Identeco

Identeco secures more than 100 million accounts

The cybersecurity spin-off Identeco protects user accounts from fraudulent activities such as account takeovers. In this interview, the founders talk about how they came from research to founding the company, why the topic of cyber security is so important and what Bonn has to do with it.

© Volker Lannert / Uni Bonn

Lightning-fast start-up from the doctorate

From doctorate to start-up in one year. Jakob Vanhoefer has successfully completed this fast track. In our start-up story, he explains the differences between scientists and entrepreneurs and what tips he has for founders.

Start-up Story Raketenstart

"We are democratizing access to justice!"

Madeleine Heuts is driving the digitalization of the legal sector with her start-up RAKETENSTART. In our interview, she talks about the challenges she faced when founding her company after studying law, how legal tech is changing the legal sector and where the start-up scene in NRW currently stands.

Die Gründer des Start-Up kiresult
Dustin Lang, Nils Stausberg, Fabian Kittel (v.l.n.r.) © kiresult

With AI and brains - kiresult

Bonn students Dustin Lang and Nils Stausberg founded the start-up kiresult together with their friend Fabian Kittel in 2020. With the help of AI, they offer a solution for better data analysis and cost optimization.

© Vivien Karl

Fearless towards her own company

Dr. Vivien Karl is an alumna of the University of Bonn and founded her own company in October 2021. Here she talks to the Transfer Center enaCom about her career and how fearless you have to be to found your own start-up.

© enaCom

New app measures CO2 footprint

What is the actual CO2 footprint of food? You can find out with a new app based on your own purchases. The start-up project "Project Count" has developed the app.

© Simon Hecht

Twelve million US dollars for Code Intelligence

Code Intelligence receives twelve million US dollars in funding led by Tola Capital. Code Intelligence helps developers with a platform to find security vulnerabilities before the product is finalized.

© neuro11

Brain training takes you to the Champions League final

The start-up neuro11 has been training Liverpool FC's professional footballers since the summer of 2021. After two victories in the final, which Liverpool won on penalties, coach Jürgen Klopp raves about the work of neuro11.

© Sandra Todaro/WFEG Rheinbach

Successful spin-off from the University of Bonn and LSI

The British company APIS Assay Technologies Ltd has acquired the start-up project Clickmer Systems from the University of Bonn, which was further developed at the Life Science Incubator (LSI), for a single-digit million euro sum.

© aimed analytics

aimed analytics receives EXIST start-up grant

The start-up project aimed analytics aims to improve the treatment of patients using machine learning methods. The team has now been awarded the EXIST start-up grant with funding of around 130,000 euros.

The four Founders of Midel Photonics in the enaCom coworking space.
© Timo Heepenstrick

750,000 euros for start-up project Midel Photonics

With their innovative technology to individually adjust the beam shape of the laser to the respective process, physicists from the University of Bonn were selected for the "EXIST Research Transfer" funding program of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund. 

Two female scientists working in a laboratory.
© Lannert/Uni Bonn

NRW supports start-up activities with around 3.2 million 

The "U BO GROW" project is funded by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy with 3.2 million euros. The project is intended to significantly advance start-up activities from within the university.

Der Leak-Checker der Uni Bonn hilft bei Identitätsdiebstahl.
© Malderle/Uni Bonn

Is my password still secure?

A team of computer science researchers has developed a "leak checker" that allows users to protect themselves and easily check whether personal data is included in a stolen record.

Die Gründer von Midel Photonics.
© Frommann/Uni Bonn

From the physics lab to industry

The startup project "Midel Photonics" from the physics department of Dr. David Dung, Dr. Christian Wahl and Frederik Wolf is one of twelve startups selected for the state-wide program "HIGH-TECH.NRW".

Niklas Häusler, Gründer von neuro11, in seinem neuen Büro.
© enaCom/Uni Bonn

First founders in the University of Bonn's co-working space

It's filling up at the Transfer Center enaCom of the University of Bonn: The two founder teams of neuro11 and kiresult, which emerged from the university, settled in the co-working space at the beginning of November 2020.


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