Digital Elements in Teaching
Communicating Knowledge in a Media Society

The Digitalization of Teaching

Digital teaching forms are an integral part of the media culture of our modern knowledge society and it is only natural that the University of Bonn should and does deploy digital applications in its teaching operations, either as a support measure or the sole form of teaching in exceptional situations such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. The learning and teaching environment maintained at the University of Bonn has been designed through critical engagement with the potential and value of digital and digitally-assisted teaching. The deployment of digital tools in university teaching provides opportunities to realize new didactic scenarios with the potential to make learning both more flexible and targeted. The variety of life situations experienced by our student body necessitates a flexible approach to university teaching, both in terms of the curriculum offered and the teaching and learning forms employed within our degree programs. It is imperative that the teaching forms and strategies deployed at the University of Bonn are tailored to the needs and wishes of learners, and ensure the development of target group-oriented, time and location-independent processes to achieve maximum efficiency within a learning-centered university concept. The use of e-learning technologies permits the deployment of new tutorial and examination forms and forms of teaching with increased didactic value. These new formats range from self-learning environments, new forms of teacher-student interaction (e.g. the flipped classroom) and automated self-evaluation and electronic examinations.

The following units and initiatives provide advice and support to both teachers and students in the design and realization of digital and digitally-assisted teaching.

eCampus services

The eCampus team provides a range of services in the area of eLearning, ranging from the establishment of an eCampus course, over the provision of learning contents and the recording of courses, up to electronic examinations.

Bonn Center for Higher Education

The Bonn Center for Higher Education provides advice and support to members of the teaching staff in the design of digitally-assisted teaching; it offers a range of qualification courses for both teachers and student tutors and mentors; and provides individually-tailored advice about various teaching concepts.

Bonn University and State Library (USL)

The USL supports students and members of the teaching staff by providing digitalized texts and training in the methods of digital literature management; it also seeks to promote discussion of issues in digital humanities.

Improving digital teaching

Awarded every year since 2017, the Initiative Prize for Digitally Aided Teaching Innovations supports the development of new ideas in the area of digital teaching and learning.

University IT Department (HRZ)

The HRZ operates the central IT services for research, teaching and studying and places its expertise at the service of University members.

Digital Science Center

DiCe is a central organizational unit at the University of Bonn, tasked with the development, continuous improvement and implementation of a comprehensive digitalization strategy.

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