Promoting international exchange

Mobility and cooperation projects within the Erasmus+ framework

The EU education program Erasmus+ represents a framework that affords a host of opportunities for international exchange and cooperation both within Europe and around the world. Information is provided here for the various University departments on funding possibilities for mobility and cooperation projects within the Erasmus+ framework.

Funding mobility—in Europe and worldwide

Erasmus+ is an EU education program designed to promote worldwide academic exchange and cooperation. The principal aim behind the Erasmus+ Programme is promoting individual mobility by funding exchanges with partner universities in Europe (Programme countries) and around the world (partner countries).

Key Action 1 (KA 1) within the Programme involves scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students (including doctoral candidates) to go on exchange for study and internship purposes, grants for teachers to do short-term lectureships and financial support for IT and administrative staff to undergo international continuing education—all regulated under bilateral Erasmus+ agreements. Funding is also available for activities promoting blended mobility.

© DAAD/ Oliver Reetz
© DAAD/ Oliver Reetz

Funding for university partnerships

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (KA 2) involves various instruments and program lines for the funding of partnerships and cooperation projects. These include Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters programs, Capacity Building Projects, Alliances for Innovation, Teacher Academies, Jean Monnet Actions and cooperation and partnership projects promoting strategic, structured institutional collaboration, innovative learning and teaching methods and digital competencies relevant to higher education.

Advice and support all the way to project completion

The International Office is there to provide you support with planning and executing Erasmus+ mobility projects (KA 1) within the European Mobility (KA 131) and worldwide Mobility (International Credit Mobility KA 171) lines, with Erasmus+ Mundus Joint Masters programs and with cooperation projects (KA 2)—from the application process to project management and on down to project completion. For more information visit the Erasmus+ area in Confluence (limited access).

Other funding options for forging European alliances alongside European Union programs include the grant programs of the DAAD and the Franco-German University. The International Office will gladly advise you to help you identify the best program for your situation.

Erasmus+ Programme grants

Funding mobility—in Europe and worldwide

Mobility funding for students, doctoral candidates, teachers and staff within and outside Europe – with bilateral Erasmus+ agreements as framework (Key Action 1: KA 131, KA 171, Erasmus Mundus Action)

Funding for multi-lateral cooperation projects

Funding for European and international cooperation projects (Key Action 2: Erasmus Mundus Action, Cooperation Partnerships, Alliances for Innovation, Capacity Building Projects, European Universities)

Current calls for proposals

Erasmus+ 2023 Call for Proposals

The 2023 Call for Proposals for mobility projects connected with university cooperation in partner countries (KA 171) is open until 12:00 noon on the date February 23, 2023. Dr. Manuela Meraner is coordinator for the university-wide proposal.

Preparatory travel for Erasmus+ partnerships and cooperation projects

Funding is available to cover travel connected with arranging partnerships undertaken by individual staff members of German universities. Travel cost defrayments are available by application to National Agency/ DAAD for planned projects within various Erasmus+ Programme lines.


Avatar Gittel-Avehounkpan

Susanne Gittel-Avehounkpan

Erasmus+ Coordinator for KA 131, European Mobility


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53115 Bonn (Germany)

Avatar Meraner

Dr. Manuela Meraner

Erasmus+ Coordinator for KA 171, Worldwide Mobility


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Avatar Trachsel

Monique Trachsel

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master


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Avatar Odenthal

Tina Odenthal

Erasmus+ Coordinator for KA 2, Cooperation Projects


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53115 Bonn (Germany)

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