Nutrition and Health

Ending hunger and improving nutrition is a central goal among SDGs. Bonn University has a long-standing research program on these issues with research in Africa and Asia. Research on nutrition in Germany is increasingly related to global issues of healthy diets, brain health and obesity. Health, nutrition, and ecosystems represent different but interconnected angles of a holistic view on development. The "One Health" concept derives from the close links between human, animal, plant and environmental health.

Key priorities at Bonn University focus on

  • Research on emerging infectious diseases that are often linked to global change, for instance in the case of land use change and its impact on pastoralism and the spread of zoonotic diseases, especially in Africa and Asia.
  • Along the German and European perspective, the interplay between nutrition and personal health in the long-term is an important factor. Relevant investigations in Bonn include studies to support the understanding of dietary influences on brain health and related diseases, especially with higher incidence in older age groups.
  • Research that aims at identifying causalities of health and diseases through their root causes, which are embedded in the societal, economic and ecological systems. This includes the analysis the interactions of these various systems, their changes throughout the development process and their effects on human, animal, plant and environmental health.
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