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The TRA Sustainable Futures promotes transdisciplinary cooperation between scientists from all faculties of the University of Bonn. The goal is the creation and expansion of networks and the development of innovative research topics and innovations.

The TRA Sustainable Future offers various networking opportunities and activities:

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The TRA Sustainable Futures currently has more than 220 members whose research is focused on the five priority themes of TRA Sustainable Futures.

Become a member of TRA Sustainable Futures!

The TRA Sustainable Futures is a transdisciplinary network working in the area of sustainability research. Membership is open to:

  • Members of the University of Bonn who have proven their ability to perform independent research in the research area covered by the TRA.
  • Employees of another institution are welcome if they meet the requirements stated above and are staff of an institute that holds a cooperation agreement with University of Bonn.
  • PhD students working at the University of Bonn in an area covered by the TRA are also welcome to join as non-voting members.



With the PhenoRob Excelence Cluster, world-leading research is being conducted at the University of Bonn in the field of robotics and phenotyping for sustainable crop production. Scientists from the fields of computer science, geodesy, robotics, plant and soil sciences, economics and environmental sciences work together in a transdisciplinary manner.

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CESOC (Center for Earth System Observation and Computational Analysis)

The University of Bonn, the University of Cologne and Forschungszentrum Jülich have founded a joint Center for Earth System Observation and Computational Analysis (CESOC). This creates a high-profile international focal point in the Rhineland for global Earth system observation with the aim of making strides toward a comprehensive understanding of our planet and better predicting changes.

© Center for Earth System Observation and Computational Analysis

Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research

The Bonn Alliance for Sustainability Research was founded in November 2017 at COP23 under the leadership of the University of Bonn with the aim of strengthening knowledge and competences for sustainable development. Six established Bonn institutions are behind this alliance: BICC (Bonn International Center for Conflict Studies), the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS), the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein Sieg, University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS), the Institute for Environment and Human Security of the United Nations University (UNU-EHS) and the University of Bonn with its Center for Development Research (ZEF).

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General assemblies of TRA Sustainable Futures

General Assembly December 2022

On December 15th 2022, the members of TRA Sustainable Futures met again to exchange ideas and to decide on important directions for 2023. With broad approval, changes in the administrative structure were voted for. We congratulate the new TRA speaker Prof. Ute Nöthlings and the re-elected TRA speaker Prof. Jan Börner. Our thanks go to the now former speaker Prof. Joachim von Braun and Prof. Gabriel Schaaf, who left the Steering Committee of TRA Sustainable Futures.    

In the main plenary, overviews of TRA's development and reports on funded projects were presented. In addition, members were able to actively discuss with each other in three open barcamp groups. The diverse topics were suggested by members themselves. They were about possible applications of infrared sensors in measuring activity of animal live stock, which help to make decisions for more animal welfare. Another group addressed the rights of future generations and the ethical question of the duty not to leave irreversible damage to the environment with current decisions and actions, especially due to climate change and biodiversity loss. The third barcamp addressed the implications of COP27 (Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, November 2022) for the TRA Sustainable Futures research agenda, including centrally the question: what interdisciplinary research is currently essential to enable a sustainable future through innovation and technology?

We look forward to further networking opportunities in TRA Sustainable Futures.


The other TRAs at the University of Bonn

In addition to the TRA Sustainable Future, there are five other transdisciplinary research areas at the University of Bonn. The TRA management is happy to support you in establishing contact with the researchers of the five other TRAs and in developing innovative collaborations.

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