Meeting KI-Postdocs: 'On Digital Ethics'

Full Title: “On Digital Ethics for Artificial Intelligence and Information Fusion in the Defense Domain” (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Koch) For knowledge itself is power... Francis Bacon’s statement on achieving power as the meaning of all knowledge marks the beginning of the modern project. At the latest since the advent of AI in the defense domain, however, technology meant for the benefit of humanity may turn against humanity. This specific type of instrumental knowledge makes the modern crisis as visible as in spotlight. Ethical knowledge of man and his nature must complement Bacon’s knowledge. There is an 'Ecology of Man': he does not make himself; he is responsible for himself and others. How can the AI and information fusion community technically support responsible use of the power we are harvesting from AI and Fusion? To argue more specifically, we consider documents of the German Bundeswehr, founded in the 1950s when the term AI was coined.
Monday, 31.05.2021 10:00 - 11:45
Digitalization/AI, Ethics
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