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Reinhart Koselleck-Projects at Bonn University

This programme enables outstanding researchers with a proven scientific track record to pursue exceptionally innovative, higher-risk projects. Funding is granted up to 1.25 million Euros for 5 years. 

Ulrich Benjamin Kaupp

Gating of ion channels and shutdown of G-protein-coupled receptors revealed by kinetic DEER spectroscopy.

funded since 2019


Benjamin_Kaupp caesar.jpg
Reinhart Koselleck Projektleiter U. Benjamin Kaupp © Benjamin Kaupp
Prof. Dr. Martin Weitz.jpeg
Reinhart Koselleck Projektleiter Martin Weitz © Gregor Hübl / Uni Bonn

Martin Weitz

Collisionally induced laser cooling of ultradense molecular gases

funded 2010 - 2017



Avatar Hahlen

Dr. Katrin Hahlen

Dipl. Biol.

Avatar Büschken

Dr. Dominik Büschken


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